The Life-Sustaining Process About Nutrition

Human beings are complex creatures. It is said that the body of a human being performs millions if not trillions of processes in a day. All these processes are very important for a person to sustain life in this world.

But in fact, the most important process that every human living in this world performs knowingly or unknowingly is the process of nutrition. In scientific terms, nutrition can be defined as the process in which any animal or plant takes in food and then utilizes it to make energy that drives them to do various procedures. For the layman, one can say that nutrition is the process of taking in food and water and making energy off of it. Talking about nutrition is important, but not everyone talks about it.

Every living thing in this world, either animal or plant, all need the life-sustaining nutrients to live in this harsh world. The process of taking food is the same, but what does the body of a living creature do with those foods and nutrients depend on them.

That nutrients taken in by a young child go in its development and growth, but the nutrients taken in by a fully grown adult help them sustain their life by doing the necessary processes for life.

Nutrient types

Similarly, the types of nutrients taken in by various living creature also varies a lot. A young adult or a growing child’s diet is very different from what a grown adult or an old person has.But nutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, vitamins, and electrolytes are really important for people’s age and category. But there is a general misconception that talking all these nutrients will keep our body in top condition. But in reality, each of these nutrients should be taken in the perfect amounts for having the best results for one’s body.

For example, if a person takes a diet which is only rich in protein and neglects all the nutrient, it can harm its body in a very bad manner. So taking all the nutrients in the right amount is important.

Types of nutrition:

There are mainly two different modes of nutrients described by the scientist. They are mainly

  • Autotrophic mode
  • Heterotrophic mode

In the autotrophic mode of nutrition, organisms make energy by photosynthesis and use it to perform its live sustaining processes.

In the heterotrophic mode of nutrition, organisms can create their own energy by taking in inputs material, so these living creatures make energy by utilizing food made by the living creature that performs autotrophic mode of nutrition. Organisms such as animals, birds, human beings, etc., perform this type of nutrition mode.

Food requirement for a young child:

At the early age of a human being, the food taken in helps in the growth and development of the child. In such time foods such as proteins, fruits, vegetables, grains, and minerals are really essential. During this time, the intake of sugar and other saturated and trans fats should really be monitored because these are harmful to a young child.

Food requirement for an adult human being:

The process of nutrition for an adult helps them sustain life as all the development and growth has already taken place in their body. Adults should give emphasis on saturates, carbohydrates, sugar, protein, and salt.

Sum up

In a nutshell, the process of nutrition is really essential for a human being, and without it, no one can survive. One should really take care about nutrition of a young child because, at an early age, good nutrition is really important.