The Reasons And Issues That Arise Due To Blocked Drainage

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No matter how meager it sounds, the plumbing system in the house plays a very important role in the health of the household. It just doesn’t supply clean water; it also drains out the waste that should not stagnate. When the sewage line is obstructed, the drainage system can overflow, which might lead to potential health hazards, not to mention it seems gross, and the smell after a point becomes unbearable. Furthermore, the overflowing waste can potentially release bacteria and harmful chemicals that expose your family and neighbors to grave dangers.

One of the most genuine ways to avoid this is by regularly maintaining and inspecting activities through employing efficient drain plumbing services to help you avoid any probable damage. When the waste overflows, it means the problem is deep-rooted and cannot be found with naked eyes. You should not detect the problem when the blockage causes such great inconvenience when the problem becomes unsolvable.  

Reason for blocked drainage:

  • Pipe leaks and drain blockage causes irreparable damage to the property and spreads diseases. The four-inch drainage lines are designed to carry toilet tissue, water, and human waste, but when other hard objects such as soap, hair, food, and fats build up between the drain-pipe and other pipes are flushed down the toilet that can get blocked in the line and build up an obstruction. 
  • Another reason is the heavy rain or storms that block the drains present outdoors by leaves, dirt, etc. 
  • Doing it yourself has another problem as well. When there is improper installation of pipes because of this trend, it increases the chances of their damage.

The issues that arise due to blocked drainage: 

  • Helicobacter pylori is a common and harmful bacteria found in sewage. As a result, peptic ulcers which develop on the lining of the stomach can lead to sores. 
  • Typhoid and campylobacteriosis are infectious diseases that arise due to blocked drainage, and children are the most likely to be infected with stomach and skin conditions. 
  • The blocked wastewater contains pathogens that can pollute groundwater sources, increasing the risk of lymphatic filariasis, which causes lymphedema and elephantiasis. In men, swelling of the scrotum called a hydrocele arises. Lymphatic filariasis is a leading cause of permanent disability worldwide. 
  • The contaminated water and air have irritable effects on individuals with skin problems such as eczema and those suffering from hay fever and asthma.
  • When the contaminated water remains stagnant in the pipes, it can lead to Legionella and other bacteria that thrive in stagnant water.
  • As mentioned before, the stagnated water is gross and can lead to pungent smells. The clogged odor will slowly lead to inhabitable homes. When the pipes dry due to the collection of debris, they will fail to absorb the pungent odor of food and other water you let sink, which releases the foul smell into homes. 
  • The slow drainage is the first sign of clogged pipes. It makes your home inefficient and results in time-wastage, especially when you wish to use the sink or tub, but you have to wait for the water in it to drain.

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