The Science of Beauty: 12 Must-Have Cosmetologist Supplies

Did you know in 2019, 722,600 people were working as barbers, hairstylists, and cosmetologists? If you are a new cosmetologist and wonder what beauty supplies you need, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over the cosmetologist supplies to stock up on.

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  1. Mannequin Heads

Even after school, you can still practice on a mannequin head. You’ll be able to pick up different mannequins with various hair weights and textures.

This way, you can expand your skills and learn how to work with different hair types.

  1. Pick up New Combs

Most starter kits from school will include combs. Yet, you want to make sure you have many styling combs for your practice.

Some people will have a personal preference for comb brands. Use your combs to style, part, or detangle hair.

  1. Clips and Other Accessories

Along with your shears and scissors, you’ll also need tools to help you style a client’s hair. A spray bottle will help you wet hair so you can cut and style the hair.

With some clients, you’ll wash their hair, so you won’t need to use the spray bottle. Yet other clients won’t want to have their hair washed. The spray bottle will help you work with the client’s hair.

Make sure you have plenty of hair clips. This way, you can pull back parts of the client’s hair. You can isolate different sections, so it’s easier to cut.

  1. Dye and Perm Accessories

You might need to build a kit of hair dye and basic perm supplies. Look at getting coloring capes, mixing bowls, curlers, and application brushes.

As you grow as a business, you’ll need to get different dye supplies for your clients.

  1. Razors

Along with scissors and shears, you’ll also have to buy razor blades and razors. Pick up a protective case for your razors.

Some people will need to pick up straight razors for doing neck shaves.

  1. Travel Case

If you travel around to client’s homes, you’ll want a carrying case. This way, you can pack up all your items and transport them.

A lot of people use an aluminum case on wheels. You could also get a rolling suitcase. Find out what works best for you. You could also get a tool belt to hold your combs, scissors, and other supplies.

  1. Curling Irons and Straighteners

You don’t want to be without your curling irons or straightening irons.

Make sure you get updated styling tools. 

  1. Pick up a Planner

As a cosmetologist, you’ll need to keep track of a lot of appointments. Pick up a planner and keep it on you at all times. This way, you can see how busy your week is and pencil in new clients.

Use your planner to jot down upcoming events or other things that impact your schedule. When creating your schedule, make sure to set aside enough time for your clients.

You should also think about what products you need to use. For example, if you’re doing lashes, make sure you have the proper supplies. Check out a lash lift kit.

Staying organized will help keep your clients happy.

  1. Aprons, Capes, and Gloves

You will need to wear an apron to protect your clothes from chemicals, materials, dye, and hair while you work.

Pick up a couple of aprons. You’ll also want other protective gear and gloves.

Due to Covid-19, you might also need to get extra protective gear.

  1. Blending Shears

If you need to remove weight from a client’s hair or add controlled texture, use a blending shear.

Blending shears are also called thinning shears. This tool has spaced teeth on one side and a straight blunt blade on the other side.

You’ll want a professional blending shear. Use this tool to texturize, remove lines, or adjust weight balance. Look for a blending shear that has opposing grip handles and convex blades.

  1. Quality Blow Dryer

As a cosmetologist, you need a decent blow dryer and diffuser.

Look for something light that doesn’t feel heavy. You don’t want to feel exhausted at the end of your workday and have to use something heavy.

Look for a high-quality hairdryer that will quicken the dry time and reduce damage.

  1. Paddle and Round Brushes

To detangle hair in a safe manner, use a paddle brush. A paddle brush is excellent to add volume or flat-wrap hair before you finish the style.

The rectangular and wide surface is helpful when you want to create tension while you blow-dry.

Look for a design that has a soft-cushioned base and bristles infused with tourmaline. You will see more shine and tension in the hair.

A round brush is helpful when you want to complete a high-quality blowout. Use a small hairbrush on someone with short hair. A medium brush can create fullness at the base.

A large barrel is excellent when you want to style straight locks or long and loose waves.

Use a round brush on someone with fine hair. When shopping for a round brush, try to find one with a boar and nylon bristles combo.

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Stock up on Quality Cosmetologist Supplies

We hope this guide on cosmetology supplies was helpful. Make sure you keep your cosmetologist supplies in good condition.

Replace your tools when necessary. Impress your clients with quality tools and products.

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