Three of the biggest mistakes to look out for when betting on esports

The odds on an esports bet can be tough to win. You might as well give up if the bookmaker gives you so little for your money, but it is always worth checking around and making sure that they are giving out good prices before placing a wager with them.


When you put down an esports bet, there’s little point if the odds don’t give back what was wagered. This is why checking around for a better price before betting can save money and time in your future bets- as well as ensure that they will be more profitable.


Not Aware from Game Rules


It’s a good idea to make sure that you understand the map rules for any future esports matches. Some people might think they know about titles like Counter-Strike and League of Legends, but it’s important not just be acquainted with them; knowing which maps teams will compete on can give an edge in competition.


Not Proper Plan


Planning your next bets can be daunting, but doing so is important. Check back with our guide and consider how you’ll use the information for betting on esports matches.


Gambling on esports is more than just picking the winner; it’s all about planning for what could happen. Check back with our betting guide and look at how different outcomes affect your money making strategy.


No Focus on Game

There is always that one friend who thinks they are the best at watching esports. While fully engaged in what is happening on the screen, they chat with friends, check the internet, or stare off into space! Anyone who is a fan of these games knows how intense they can get at times, so if anyone should know better, it’s you.

For some people, playing this game might actually be fun, but for others their attention span will wander after only 5 minutes (like me). As long as you don’t do too much simultaneously and everyone remains focused, there is absolutely nothing wrong with multitasking.


Every now and then, people will lose a bet. But the trick is to not go chasing after losing bets with more wagers! If you’ve gone backwards after just one lossful game–don’t panic; take some time out of your day (or week) for reflection on what went wrong so that next time around things don’t end up quite as badly.