Tips for Maintaining Your Car’s AC System

UAE is counted among the countries with the greatest number of luxurious car drivers in the world and also among the hottest countries in the world. Talking about temperature, Summer in the United Arab Emirates may be extremely hot. Temperatures can climb as high as 49°C, so be prepared for the scorching days ahead.

People usually remind themselves to stay hydrated and dress in lighter attire. However, maintaining a car’s air conditioning system is one of the most vital, though often forgotten, activities that should be completed during this season. It is almost used every day by everyone, regardless of whether you rent it or own it.

You use your car’s air conditioning almost every day, and once summer arrives, it’s practically a need. Unfortunately, this might result in overworked car air conditioners that are more likely to break down when you least expect it. As a result, according to the specialists of Car AC Service in Abu Dhabi, it’s a good idea to remember the following tips to help keep your car’s air conditioning system in good working order:

Get it checked by the experts

Get the air conditioner of your car inspected by professionals regularly to keep an eye on the condition of the filters. The benefit of keeping an eye on the Air conditioner is that the Chilled Air it bombards will remain fresh and chilly. After all, the specialists have the necessary tools and skills to fully clean the air conditioning system.


If your car’s aircon is not maintained properly, it can lead to the emergence of additional internal engine problems, similar to how an infection can lead to the emergence of other problems. As a result, it’s critical to take your automobile to a reputable air conditioning servicing frequently. When you let a professional inspect under the hood, they can easily discover AC-related issues and correct them before they cause further damage to the system.

One thing that must be kept in mind is that the engine belt plays a very vital role in keeping the Ac up and running. Because the AC compressor is normally driven by the engine via a belt, faults in the compressor may occur due to insufficient lubrication or maintenance. As a result, inspect the drive belt attached to the compressor, gas pipelines, and hoses thoroughly to avoid any malfunctions in the car AC’s operation.

Frequent Functioning of AC

It is important to keep the AC on for at least 10 minutes a week, regardless of the weather, if you want to keep the levels of gas in the compressor. As previously stated, using the air conditioner for 10 minutes once a week will assist maintain optimal gas pressure. It will also ensure that the compressor is operational during the summer. However, to do this successfully, you must set the system to the coolest setting and the greatest fan speed.

The air conditioner’s defrost function should also be left running for around 10 minutes. As a result, excess moisture in the system will be removed, eliminating mildew formation and musty odors. There are numerous factors to consider if you want your car’s air conditioning to last a long time. Adding to the list, switching to the recirculation mode of the air conditioner will keep the car’s interior cool even while it’s scorching outside. Because it will only extract air from within the cabin, this mode is the greatest approach to maximize an air conditioner’s operational power.


Regular Cleaning

Uncleanliness is another reason for AC failure. Dirt and moisture are the most common causes of a plague in the car’s air conditioning system. To prevent all of this from happening, all carpets and mats in the vehicle should be vacuumed and thoroughly cleaned once a week. If this is not done, it may result in a blockage.

One of the most prevalent problems in air filters and AC condensers is a blockage that prevents air from flowing over the cooling coils. As a result, make sure to wash the condenser thoroughly with water at least once a week. This will not only aid in the removal of filth from those sections that are normally inaccessible, but it will also aid in the maintenance of greater cooling, thereby easing you during the summer.

Parking under a shade

A factor that you may not believe has anything to do with air conditioning maintenance, but it does because leaving your car in the sun for an extended period can cause the interior to become quite hot. As a result, the car’s air conditioning will have to work twice as hard just to cool it down. To avoid triggering this problem, it’s a good idea to park in the shade or install sun blinds.

Final thoughts

After all, an air conditioner is a machine, and it is bound to break down at some point. But one thing we can do is postpone the malfunctioning as much as possible. If we follow the aforementioned facts, we will not only be able to get the most out of our automobile air conditioner, but we will also be able to extend the life of the air conditioner.

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