Tips to design a unique coffee mug

Coffee mugs are cute gifting options for years. They hold a special place in everyone’s heart and especially to those who love to drink beverages. All love mugs with unique artwork, catchy messages, or sweet sayings. Be it in boardrooms, kitchens, or offices; a good coffee mug is always loved. The design of coffee mugs dates back a long time and has ever since been famous. With better accessibility of online software, print options, and a massive collection of ideas to gain inspiration from, designing is in trend.


Why should you choose to give a coffee mug?


It is versatile; coffee mugs always are helpful. In addition, it is the easiest way to get across your message or add to your existing decor.


  • Coffee mugs are often distributed at business meets and conferences as a token. These coffee mugs are usually designed with business logos, are helpful for advertisement or to get more exposure for the organization.
  • A mug designed with particular messages can be the perfect way to express your wishes for your loved ones. It will not only convey your news but also make your loved one happy.
  • A good set of coffee mugs, printed or customized, is the fitting addition for your office or kitchen décor. If you like a mug collection with unique and quirky prints, patterns, and writings on them, this can turn out to be a whole new passion for you.
  • Coffee mugs also are an excellent way for businesses that run from home. It is a simple way to generate income either online or locally. It can be made with the help of a lot of resources available and can get marketed online.


If you want to know how you can design your coffee mug so that you can make it unique, keep on reading


Once you become determined to design your coffee mug, follow these important and simple tips to help you with the design. It will ensure you end up with a unique piece in your collection.


Have a plan


Before you start with any design, plan out the strategy based on the size, colors, and how durable that design would be on the coffee mug. Having a pre-thought plan will make the execution easier. In addition, you do not have to start thinking about the design from scratch when you are beginning to work on it.


Choose a good quality mug


If you are putting in the effort to create a unique coffee mug design, you should choose the base mug of excellent and durable quality. It should be microwave and dishwasher safe to be able to be used for a long time. If the rate is compromised, the mug will break, and the design will stand meaningless.


Choose catchy colors


Colors have the potential to bring out the real impact of your design. Choosing shabby colors will make the design look like a mess and would not be a great place to put your efforts. Instead, use colors that will enhance its overall appeal. If you have to get your coffee mug printed professionally, try to use fewer colors so that you can save money.


Get the coffee mugs printed professionally


Print quality on coffee mugs is of enormous importance. Bad quality print can lead to the design getting washed away and leave a wrong impression on the person you have gifted them. To avoid such mishaps, you can print on demand with the help of Print Best. Although the designing is tedious and effort is needed to come out with a unique design, choosing good print quality will ensure its durability.


Be influential


Try to choose designs, quotes from famous public figures, or memes that are popular online. It will help you to catch the attention of the mass. It will also send across a beautiful message which will help to inspire others. For example, coffee mugs with catchy quotes get preferred by many people and are picked up based on how much the design appeals to them.


Be original


Artwork should always be original and not plagiarised. If you are looking for unique artwork, try to be creative and produce your work. It will make the coffee mug memorable and unique. Also, if you are thinking of selling the mugs in an online business; you would not want to be caught in the hassle of copyright issues.


There are many coffee mug ideas and designs on the internet. Taking pictures from the existing structures and customizing them to add a touch of your charm will create a product that belongs to you. The designing will become a dynamic process if done with care as it is a way to express oneself. You have to start with proper planning to get good returns.