Tips To Design Essential oil packaging boxes In Your Company’s Budget

Most of us think essential oil packaging boxes are expensive. We assume its breathtaking customization could be heavy on our pocket. But it’s not true! This modern type of essential oil packaging guarantees to make your brand oil stand out by giving value to your specs, needs, and budget. At Fast Custom Boxes, our latest machines and professional engineers are 24/7 available in your service. We offer you tons of strategies to reduce your essential oil packaging cost without compromising on quality. In this blog, we are going to discuss those tips briefly, which no other brands would tell you. 


  1. Don’t Go With Complex Customizations

Most of us believe, the more complex design of essential oil boxes we will have, the more it will be attractive and engaging. It’s not good to say this is absolutely wrong. The more you will invest, the more customization options you can include in your customized essential oil wholesale boxes. But why we quit a chance to save our money without affecting our packaging appearance. If you are a new business and don’t have much investment. You can go with our simple but premium customizations. These options are budget-friendly and showcase your customized essential oil wholesale boxes design according to the trends. 


  1. Select The Appropriate Packaging Material

We do this mistake while placing an order for essential oil packaging boxes. Unlike traditional boxes, these boxes offer us different types of material to select according to our packaging needs. People mostly select material on air without knowing its price and specifications. 

For example, if you are looking for the best customization options, cardboard material would be the best choice for you. As custom essential oil bottle packaging made with cardboard can be moulded in any shape and ideal for HD printing. But if you leave this affordable material and go with corrugated material for quality customization. You are doing a mistake. Because corrugate essential oil boxes are specifically used for shipment purposes. So, a clever selection of material can save a lot of your money. 


  1. Pick Up The Affordable Style Of Box

Box style also plays its part in deciding either your essential oil packaging box will be expensive in rates or not. Packaging manufacturing companies offer you so many shapes and styles to customize your essential oil packaging. You can go with Rigid Boxes, which are 2 boxes placed over each other. These types of boxes would definitely be heavy on your budget. So you can go with simple Auto Bottom Boxes or 1-2-3 Bottom Boxes. Which are also highly favored due to their eye-catching looks and inexpensive rates. These style boxes can also include custom inserts to provide your essential oil bottles with ultra-protection. 


  1. Choose Simple But Trendy Customization Options

Packaging box manufacturers provide you with an unlimited range of customizations. That person who doesn’t have much knowledge about packaging customizations might possibly do some mistakes. The good thing about custom essential oil bottle packaging is that you can control its price by selecting customization that fits your needs. You can go with affordable but highly attractive options like Custom windows, Embossing, Debossing, Matt or Gloss Laminations. Metalized Printing, Gold/Silver coatings, and much more. These options will not rise your essential oil packaging box’s cost but raise its value to the next level. 


  1. Go With That Printing Which Suits Your Budget

Most of the businesses offer you digitally and offset printing to customize your custom essential oil bottle packaging. Both types of printing are best for high-quality imprinting of your brand name, logo, and all kind of other details you want to show your customers. But the main difference between these printing techniques is that, offset printing is good for a high volume of custom essential oil boxes. While digital printing is perfect for short-run printing. So if you want to place a bulk order for essential oil boxes, you can save your money by selecting offset printing.



Unlike traditional square boxes, you can make custom essential oil boxes exactly in your brand spending plans. At Fast Custom Boxes, you are free to select the customization features to surprise your shoppers. A wise selection of the right material and the best shape of your custom essential oil bottle packaging together saves a lot of your money. You can design your packaging to make it worthy on market racks and select offset printing for bulk orders. All these features indicate that if you are a new business you don’t need to scare of expensive custom essential oil packaging. You can get them exactly in your budget now. I hope it would help 🙂

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