Top 10 Sports Cars in 2021

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When you want to buy a car, several criteria must be taken into account. The Audi RS4 will be perfect for those who need a family format. Its modern design has been combined with a large space, allowing the whole family to board this exceptional car for trips in complete comfort. In this sporty car, you will have an RS4 Avant Tiptronic engine, roof racks in matt aluminum style, door handles in the same color as the vehicle, or even Plus sport seats at the front. In terms of technical characteristics, this top-of-the-range car has it under the hood! Its power can go up to 450 horsepower.


This sporty sedan was born out of the thrill of its designers. If you’re into the aerodynamic lines of cars and are looking for sports cars that look like real cars, you might fall in love with the Civic. Its power speaks better than ours since it goes up to 320 horsepower and 6500 rpm. Its manual gearbox will have your hair blowing in the wind, with a maximum speed of 270km / h. In terms of range, the Honda Civic does quite well for a sports car. Judge for yourself: 704 km for its optimum range, and 641 km for its average range.


2020 will have pushed the limits of the imagination of manufacturers. Luxury cars see a new model appear, and certainly one of the most interesting for lovers of sports models. Its power is enough to make almost all exceptional cars blush: 610 horsepower at 8000rpm. With its automatic gearbox, you can go up to the breathtaking speed of 325 km / h. If you make long journeys, know that on new vehicles you benefit from an average range of 584 km. This beautiful Italian is also equipped with a 110-liter trunk at the front of the vehicle. You can get any car-related solution from howfixcars.com.


To satisfy all tastes and meet the different lifestyles of lovers of luxury cars, SKODA offers its engine in three models: a plug-in hybrid with 245 hp, 2.0 turbo-gasoline close to 250 hp, and 2.0 diesel with 200 hp. Inside, discover all the sporty details that will forever transform your driving experience. Front and exterior, LED headlights and daytime running lights put this sports car on the list of the most modern models.

 5. AUDI RS Q3

If you are thinking of buying a sports car, you must hear about the Audi RS Q3! This luxury car is considered the sportiest SUV in its class. Its turbocharged 400bhp five-cylinder has a grip, and its chassis seems built to handle any situation. It has been lowered by 10 mm. The front fascia features huge air intakes, the radiator grille features a honeycomb mesh, the roof features a stretched spoiler, and to prove its potential this powerful car is distinguished by two large, oval-shaped tailpipes. . The signature of the RS models.


This electric car has something to surprise you! This vehicle is the entry-level of a sedan initially presented in Turbo. Its maximum power was tested at 435 hp for 10 seconds, before increasing to 530 hp under over boost. Porsche legend obliges, the Taycan offers 100% dis engageable anti-slip. Depending on driving conditions, you can switch to 100% traction or 100% propulsion. Onboard your vehicle, find the comfort of three-touch screens. And for € 3,618 more, you can choose something other than animal leather…!


Under the hood of this magnificent car, find a twin-turbo 4.0 V8 engine, which can deliver a power of 600 hp. It goes wonderfully with its eight-speed Tiptronic automatic transmission. In less than 4 seconds, your sports car will take you from 0 to 100 km / h. Its maximum speed climbs to 280 km / h, and can still gain an additional 30 km / h thanks to the dynamic pack (optional). This 2,065 kg racing car has four-wheel drive and steering. The interior offers a choice of 4 or 5 seats. BXUZ has detailed information about luxury electric cars.


In its interior, this car invites you to take a seat on quilted leather seats, in a diamond pattern. In all, 400,000 stitches will dress your future seat! This surprising vehicle offers two engines: the V8 and the W12. With the latter, play quietly with a 6-liter engine working 635 hp and 900 Nm of torque. Its maximum speed reaches 333 km / h and has an optimal range of 763 km and an average range of 643 km.

 9. AUDI RS5

After the coupe, the convertible, and the 4-door version, the RS had an interesting restyling. This is mostly seen in the grille/bumper assembly at the front, the diffuser at the rear, and its beautiful light signature. This year’s RS5s keep their twin-turbo 2.9 V6 with 450 hp and 600 Nm of torque. The gearbox is automatic, 8-speed, and provides permanent all-wheel drive. You will particularly appreciate its noise in dynamic mode then the passage to a sharp acceleration. Fans of beautiful cars will love the luxurious details of the interior of the cabin. Motorists who have already adopted it praise its performance, its versatility, its reliability, as well as … the emotions that its driving provides!


We can’t finish this magnificent ranking without telling you about the Cayman GT4 from Porsche. The lines of this little car are more balanced than those of the 928 and 968 models. Under the hood, you will find the naturally aspirated version of the 4.0 L flat-six. Thanks to it, your car can develop a power of 420 hp. At the beginning of its marketing, the box was only manual; a PDK box should follow within the year. On the look side, a spoiler is added to the rear part without modification (or almost) compared to previous models. The Cayman GT4’s engine, chassis, brakes, and aerodynamic design are engineered for maximum driving dynamics. These extraordinary characteristics allowed the CaymanGT4 to achieve one of the best times on the north loop of the Nürburgring: 7 min 40 s! Something to make the Nissan GT-R, Audi R8 V10, or the Pagani Zonda S.For more information, you can visit CarLeg.