Top Signs You May Need the Expertise of a Virtual Assistant

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Whether you’re a business owner or executive, working as a full-time mum, or trying to manage a household, you probably wish there were more than 24 hours in a day. Often, when we’re faced with too many tasks, we end up accomplishing nil — or just finishing the basics and not having enough time for our core responsibilities. It isn’t easy to juggle our work and personal duties. Moreover, if you are increasingly finding it a big challenge to pay attention to what you have to do and are seemingly at your wits’ end, it may be time to rely on someone else to do other tasks for you. We’re referring to a virtual assistant, of course. Still, you may be debating whether you really need one or simply need to better manage your time. So, how do you know if you need the expertise of a virtual assistant? Here are the top signs.

You are becoming a slave to your business

There’s no need to be overly dramatic, but truth be told, if you feel like you are becoming a slave to your business, then it may be the perfect time to delegate. Yes, many of us feel stressed at certain periods, but if you’re stressed almost all of the time and are reluctant to take some time off, it’s better to get a virtual assistant who can take care of your other duties. Similarly, if you take your business home and can no longer find time for yourself and your loved ones, then a virtual assistant could be just what you need.

You need someone with specific skills

Whilst it’s nice to accomplish tasks and continuously improve yourself in the process, there’s a time when you may need someone with specific talents, especially for skills that you don’t readily have or don’t have time to study or train yourself. For example, if you need help with bookkeeping or managing your social media accounts or website, a virtual assistant can tackle all that for you.

Nowadays, most virtual assistants have specialised training and skills that not many business entrepreneurs or executives have. And rather than go through training to learn those skills yourself, it’s better to go for a virtual assistant who can readily offer their services. This way, you can save yourself time. Moreover, you’d have additional peace of mind knowing that someone more adept than you is handling what needs to be done.


You find yourself spending more time dealing with administrative duties instead of your core duties

When you’re running a business, there will be a lot of paperwork. And administrative duties can take up a big chunk of your time. But whilst administrative work is necessary, it can distract you or take you away from your core duties. Additionally, admin work can drain you both physically and mentally, and it can feel like endless work with nothing much to show for it. Wouldn’t you rather concentrate on your core duties as a business owner or executive?

If you have been running your business for a while and have determined that you need to scale up, then you probably need more people and a more advanced and organised system. Consider hiring a VA who can handle customer support and take on an administrative role.