Top 5 New House Checklist Ideas

Planning to move? Congratulations! We all know how draining moving can be. The idea of getting a new place and turning it into your dream home is alluring, but the move itself is a total nightmare.

When decorating a new home from scratch, you don’t need a list as you need to get pretty much everything! Although, it can always be done in due time, and getting the most necessities first is the way to go about it.

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Now that you know where to get your home items from, here are a few ways that will surely help the entire process of relocating much easier for you. We have listed the most prioritized tasks that need your attention at the earliest.

  • Set Up Physical Utilities

The foremost step before moving is having your physical utilities i.e. gas, water, and electric supply installed. Having them done beforehand will most definitely avoid any inconvenience after you have moved in.

Notify your utility company about your move-in date, the sooner, the better. This is especially true if the utility company already has a busy schedule. To move into a cold, dark home is the most uncomfortable feeling.

  • Home Security

Change all your locks and keys before moving into your new home. You never know who had access to the keys or what sort of people knew where the previous owner hid his own set of keys.

Get yourself a smart home system that is reliable and has great reviews. If you already have a system in place or are tied to a contract, make sure you inform your provider and also update your address information.

  • Television and Internet Connection

Shifting homes is a tiring ordeal, especially if you have kids with you. They are almost always sentimental about leaving the old place and also get tired easily.

Having your television and internet connection set up and running before you move in would allow them that much-needed distraction to better adjusts to their new surroundings. Schedule your installation a week or so before your move-in and at a time slot that is convenient for you. This will ensure that your services are activated promptly.

Compare the different service providers in your area based on cost and performance to make a well-informed decision.

  • Kitchen Essentials

How can we forget one of the most crucial details! Kitchens are usually the center of all family activities, and a tiring move is bound to have your tummies grumbling.

Make a separate box for your kitchen essentials that you know you would need after moving in. Not everything gets unpacked right away, so having this one box already prepared will be a great help.

  • HVAC System Check

Your air condition and furnace are a necessity, that too a pricey one. A faulty system can lead to dangerous consequences. Therefore, hire a technician or get your property manager to have it checked with you in the weeks following your move.

Have a close inspection of the heating and cooling unit, the insulation, and the ducts to make sure everything is in working order. In case you find something off or maintenance is needed, then make it a priority to get it done within no time.

It is a worthwhile investment and creates an ambiance of much-needed comfort in your home.

We hope our home checklist helps you stay organized and avoid moving mistakes. Here are some great tips that I found useful over the years and may help you too.

  • Organize your stuff into boxes- ones that you take to your new home and others that either get sent to charity or the garbage disposal
  • Change of mailing address at your workplace and financial institutions
  • Get the paint job done while your new house is empty
  • Deep clean the place, especially the kitchen and its cabinets, or hire a cleaning service before your move-in date
  • Get things fixed if they are broken
  • Has help arranged in advance for the moving day? More helping hands get the job done in less time, and nobody gets exhausted
  • Locate the circuit breakers and shut off valves
  • Check that your smoke detector is working properly
  • Collect and maintain your important documents in a waterproof and secure safe to avoid damage