Top 5 Things You Need to Know When Buying YouTube Likes

Hey you! If you want to invest money for buying YouTube likes, there are a few things you may wish to consider!

YouTube likes are a sure-fire way to monitor how well you are doing and to grow your channel and increase your engagement,

But before you decide whether buying Youtube likes is worth it for you, check out the top 5 things you must consider before investing in this endeavour below!

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#1 Do Not Use This Shortcut With Google AdSense

If you want to buy YouTube likes, I assume the end goal is to get genuine traffic eventually. Whatever the case, the likes should not be for Google AdSense purposes.

There are strict guidelines about how you can generate cash with Google AdSense, and if you are a part of the YouTube Partner Program, it is against their policies to buy YouTube likes.

Should the algorithm recognise the lack of genuine likes or other interactions, the least they would do is boycott your videos. Worse outcomes are also possible, like shutting down your channel.

You should maintain some distance from buying likes if you want to profit on the views and other benefits of being in the Youtube Partner Program.

#2 Not All Like Providers Are Equal

People who are in the business of selling YouTube likes aren’t operating at the same level of quality. You continuously have to check them to make sure they are selling what is advertised.

Usually, you can tell from what they offer on their website if the generated traffic will be genuine, or created from bots. The thing to focus on is consistency. Suppliers who sell top likes have a plan that is balanced and inconspicuous and most importantly – organic!

For extra reassurance, you can always check the supplier’s insurance agreements.

A client insurance guarantee is an unconditional promise coupled with a decent security strategy that will ensure that you are getting the best help and support, especially if something goes wrong.

#3 Client Support

If you are new to the world of YouTube likes, you may not have the full knowledge of how it works and how it helps you rank higher on the front pages.

So, to get the best out of your purchase, it is good to find a provider who has the expertise and can help you if any issues or questions arise.

This can be usually done simply by checking out their website or reading reviews from previous users!

#4 Invest In A Package Instead

Imagine there is a video that has almost 100 YouTube likes, but absolutely no views. That would be very suspicious not just for viewers but also for YouTube.

When buying YouTube likes, it is essential to realise that there can be no likes without views. People like videos only if they have watched it and presumably enjoyed the content. That is to say exclusively through having viewed the video people will like it.

Thus, when trying to buy YouTube likes maybe consider investing in a whole package – likes, comments, views – so that nothing looks out of place.

#5 Risks Associated With Wrong Providers

YouTube is already filled with bots and fake accounts posting through fake creator accounts or bot generators. Buying YouTube likes can increase this further, as a lot of these services from third-party websites like Fiverr provide only bot likes.

YouTube, of course, has ways of monitoring this and can even ban your channel if they catch you cheating.

The user found his account flagged for potential deceptive practices

Don’t waste time trying out low-quality suppliers because their services are counterfeit and easily spotted by YouTube. Instead, buy from high-rated sellers who aim to provide genuine YouTube likes and interactions.


I’m sure these tips have helped you decided whether buying YouTube likes is the right decision for your channel. Try to do your research into how whoever you buy likes from will operate, so that you could maximise your gains with this shortcut!

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