Top Trends That Increased the Demand of Mobile App Developers in 2021

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We live in a world where most of the tasks can happen at the fingertip of the screen. Today, from setting the alarm to sending mail, from watching the news to listening to music, we rely on the internet and mobile devices for every little thing. And all this has become possible due to the advancement in the mobile app development industry with which mobile apps can be developed for all the requirements, no matter what.

Due to this reason, the mobile app development space has observed a sudden increase in the demand for mobile app developers. Today, even for a bit of need, businesses hire a mobile app development company, and as per expectations, the demand will be at an all-time high in the upcoming time.

The primary reason for this increasing demand for mobile app developers is the ongoing technological trends requiring expertise to focus. This article will talk about such popular global trends which can enhance your results.

Prominent Technological Trends to Focus in 2021

Before developing a mobile app, you should always consider certain things that might affect your business. Ongoing and trending technologies are one such prospect that you can not avoid. This section will tell you about some of the prominent technologies that will rule the mobile app development space in 2021.

Cross-Platform App Development

You might have come across the fact that businesses are shifting towards cross-platform development for faster app creation and improved efficiency. Tech giants like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc., have already switched to cross-platform app development to reach a global audience.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Accelerated mobile pages (or AMP) is the new method that encourages faster accessibility and soothing interaction with the app by reducing the load time. You can simply outsource the mobile app development project to an in-house company to include AMP in your mobile application.

Enterprise Mobile Applications

Every organization wants its employees to have a smooth interaction with each other and maybe with its clients. Hence, the companies need an app that caters to all the enterprise’s interaction needs, such as file sharing, work-related flow, calendar invites, etc. These applications fall under EMA, or Enterprise mobile applications, and have become a necessity for businesses nowadays.

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Cyber Security

In the present era, one of the significant threats to an online business is cyber-criminal activities. It has become extremely crucial that all the apps, be they developed or outsourced, need to be checked for cyber threats. Neglecting this area may cost you your users’ data, private information, and money. Due to this, mobile app developers having knowledge of cyber security is in higher demand.


Higher bandwidth offers greater opportunities for information exchange. It means 5G technology will be able to execute multiple tasks simultaneously, and that even at lightning speed. With the emergence of the 5G network, the demand for such apps that support this technology is also emerging. These mobile applications should support higher bandwidth and be highly data-driven to manage the excessive speed exchange rate.

Cloud Technology, AI and Analytics

AI or Artificial Intelligence needs no introduction as all the modern applications and software is in some way or another based on it. This technology has made the tasks of humans more manageable and straightforward. Along with AI-enabled apps, Data Analytics is another branch of study prevalent in the past few years. It helps to analyze the data gathered from the users to serve them with more personalized and specific results.

Apart from these two emerging technologies, Cloud Computing is another area to focus on while developing an app. Since there is a lot of data available out there, there should be a proper management and storage area so that data would be well-organized.

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Chatbots is another fantastic invention driven by AI technology. It is one of the best ways your consumers and clients can interact with you, as responses from a chatbot are more human-like. The incorporation of chatbots into mobile apps takes the user journey to a whole new level. This technology primarily focuses on the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) approach that accelerates users to make an online purchase.

Final Words

With this information of trends, you might understand why there is a rising demand for mobile app developers. These technologies are shaping the world of mobile applications. That’s why you need an experienced and updated mobile app development agency to help you integrate these services into your mobile apps. Moreover, hiring a professional and skillful mobile app developer will also assist you in expanding your mobile app features.

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