Troubleshooting Netgear Router Orange Light Issue

Netgear routers are the most popular WiFi devices worldwide and have raised the bars too high with their wonderful performance. That is why millions have performed Netgear router setup  in their homes to access a blazing-fast internet . However, being technical devices, Netgear routers are also prone to various issues that might sometimes make them non-functional. The Netgear router orange light issue is one of them. If not resolved, it can give rise to other router-related issues. If you are also bothered by the same problem, then read this article. Here, we will provide you with a list of troubleshooting hacks that will help you get the issue fixed. So, let’s start.

Fixed: Netgear Router Orange Light Issue

  1. Reboot the Netgear Router

One of the prime reasons behind the Netgear router orange light issue is technical glitches . So, first of all, try rebooting your Netgear router. Perhaps it will fix the issue. To reboot your Netgear router, follow the instructions given below:

  • Disconnect all the client devices connected to your Netgear router’s network.
  • Switch off your router and let it stay idle for a while .
  • Once done, power up your router again.
  1. Connect Your WiFi Devices Properly

Another reason you are facing the Netgear router orange light issue is a weak connection between your WiFi devices. Therefore, cross-check the connection between your Netgear router and the modem. If there is a wireless connection, firstly, replace it with a wired one. If you are already using an Ethernet cable to connect your WiFi devices, verify if the connection is finger-tight.

Also, check for any damage on the Ethernet cable. In case, the Ethernet cable is damaged, it is time to bring a new one.

  1. Update the Firmware

Sometimes, an outdated firmware can also cause the Netgear router orange light issue. You should know that the firmware controls the overall performance of your WiFi device. If it is not updated regularly, it can result in various router issues. Therefore, we highly recommend you update the router’s firmware by accessing the Netgear router login page.

Just in case you come across the routerlogin.net not working   error while trying to access the Netgear router login page, use the default router IP to log in to your WiFi device.

  1. Relocate Your Netgear Router

Placing the Netgear router at an incorrect location is another contributing factor that might have led you to the orange light issue. So, look around and check if you have placed your Netgear router near transmitting appliances like microwave ovens, refrigerators, Bluetooth-enabled devices, juicers, etc. If yes, then it is time to change the location of your Netgear router. Furthermore, keep your Netgear router away from reflexive surfaces like mirrors and fish tanks.

Also, remember to place your Netgear router and modem at a safe distance. It means neither too close nor too far as it may affect the router’s performance.

  1. Reconfigure Your Netgear Router

Improper installation of the Netgear router also plays a major role in causing the orange light issue with your WiFi device. Therefore, to fix the issue, you need to reconfigure your Netgear router. First of all, reset your Netgear router to factory default settings. Performing factory reset will erase all the customized settings from your WiFi device. To reset your Netgear router, press the Reset button with a sharp object. Releasing the button will take your Netgear router back to its default settings.

Once done, you can reconfigure your Netgear wireless router by accessing the routerlogin  page. This time you will surely get rid of the Netgear router orange light issue.

Summing Up

Our list of troubleshooting hacks to fix the Netgear router orange light issue finishes here. We hope that you will be able to get the issue resolved and prevent your Netgear router from being non-functional. Thanks for reading the article.