Types of Band Available For You To Celebrate

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It is said that when a woman ties Rakhi to a man’s wrist, he will be under the obligation to honor the religious duty of protecting her from evil forces.  If you read famous traditional stories about Rakhi, you will find out that Rakhis come blessed with sacred verses. There are times when Rakhis will be consecrated in grass and rice before they are handed over. There are other stories about Rakhi that claim that it eliminates sin from one hand and offers protection to the other. And, the protection offered by this pious thread lasts for one year.

Raksha Bandhan celebrates love and brotherhood all across India. The festival is celebrated in the Sravana month in the lunar calendar every year. The word Raksha means protection to the sister or any other loved one, while Bandhan means to tie. Sisters and brothers celebrate this festival every year in the hope that it will strengthen the bond between them in the coming years.  Nowadays, many women also tie a Rakhi to the wrist of the Prime Minister of India and President of India. Women also tie Rakhis to the wrist of soldiers on this day. Here are some of the different types of Rakhi that you may think of buying this year:

Rudraksha Rakhi

These Rakhis are quite popular, and you will find a Rudraksha bead or a large number of Rudraksha beads at the center of the Rakhi. Many boys prefer Rudraksha Rakhis as they not only appear attractive but sober as well. The presence of Rudraksha beads also lends a religious touch to the Rakhi, thus increasing its significance for the festival.

Diamond, gold, and silver Rakhis

If you have a high budget and do not mind spending thousands on a Rakhi, you can opt for a diamond, gold, or silver Rakhi. As Diamonds, Gold, and Silver Rakhi cannot be afforded by everyone; you may opt for their lookalike metal or stone. Rakhis containing metal and stones that bear a striking resemblance with diamond, gold, and silver are also quite popular. These Rakhis look as attractive as Silver and Diamond and Gold Rakhis and sell in large numbers every year.

Sandalwood Rakhis

Rakhis containing sandalwood appears not only eye-catching but smells good too. As sandalwood Rakhis offer a soothing smell, many people love to purchase them. The price of these Rakhis is also not too high. Sandalwood Rakhis are available in huge numbers as a result of their strong demand. You will not have to toil hard to find these Rakhis online. The chief reason behind the massive popularity of Sandalwood Rakhis is that sandalwood is believed to be auspicious in India and widely used for worshipping Hindu deities.

Lumba Rakhi

These Rakhis are specifically meant for sisters-in-law. At the festival, sisters usually tie a Rakhi to the wrist of their sister-in-law or Bhabhi. The practice emanated from Rajasthan, where sisters tie Rakhi to their Bhabhi’s wrist. Now the practice has spread all across North India.

Button Rakhi

These Rakhis have become one of the most popular Rakhis available online. Many individuals love to purchase a button rakhi as they are available in several shapes and sizes. Also, children too love these Rakhis as they love to play with buttons. You must ensure that these Rakhis are not tied to the hand of too small children as they may end up eating it and risking their lives. You will find a Rakhi button that contains a mirror or motif in it.

Ganesha Rakhi

If your brother is spiritual, you may purchase Ganesha Rakhi. You may discover Ganesha or Lakshmi deity on the Rakhi. You may also make these Rakhis at your home itself. If you have a wedding invitation card handy, you will notice it contains Ganesha or Lakshmi deities or both. You may cut that image and paste it on a Mauli. You can find Ganesha Rakhi online without any hassle. Also, boys must purchase a beautiful rakhi gift for sister to express their love and feelings on this auspicious day.

Therefore, we may conclude here that you may purchase any of the Rakhi mentioned above for your brother according to his liking and make the festival memorable and enjoyable.