Understanding Productivity and Motivation Influence

Productivity is a measure of the amount of work accomplished within a reasonable time frame. Our actions are deemed productive if they help us progress towards our goals.

Our satisfaction with our completed tasks has a significant effect on how we feel about productivity. For instance, we say we “feel” productive if we can meet all homework within their deadlines, or even if we do more than 40 percent of the dishes.


What does Productivity Mean?

Productivity means different things to different people, but ultimately the definition boils down to how much work we have done.


How much Motivation is Connected to Productivity?

Not all people are motivated to work at the same level of productivity, and we have people spread across the spectrum from lazy folks to workaholics. We will discuss the various factors that drive productivity among some people or act as demotivators for others.

To understand the causes of increased or decreased productivity among individuals, it is crucial to discover the sources of motivation and their impact on human behavior.

Not everyone loves their office jobs, and only a few do what they love. However, it has been proven time and again that people who are passionate about their work are usually more productive.

Naturally, if people love what they do, they will be more inclined to gain in-depth knowledge and apply their skills more efficiently and effectively.

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On the other hand, demotivation is one of the main factors for unproductivity. If people are in it just for the money, they quickly lose interest in the tasks at hand and try to use workarounds to avoid working, such as compromising quality to finish jobs quicker.


Fear is a Motivator

Fear can be a great motivator, but that is not always the case. It of getting a bad grade may prompt a student to revisit their notes.

Fear of getting fired may encourage workers to clock more hours.

However, excessive fear can cause stress and anxiety to shoot up, which in turn lowers it.

Even though a student is studying all night, he cannot retain half of what he has read.

Workers who fear unemployment may have reduced self-esteem and confidence that shows in the quality of their work.

These examples show that ultimately, It is directly related to motivation or the lack of it. We work at our best spirits when we are highly motivated and energized. Lack of motivation, however, impedes our mind’s willingness to put effort into work.


Productivity Enhancement Tools

Understanding the impact of productivity in our lives can go a long way in our path to attain our goals.

Today, students, researchers, and motivated employees have timeless productivity enhancement tools and techniques at their disposal. Some of the most popular methods include meditation, Pomodoro, time-trackers, reinforcement, and gamification apps.

Techniques like meditation indirectly improve our productivity by relieving stress, anxiety and enhancing our lifestyle. There are other short-term techniques as well, which cater to the time-bound crowd. Tools like Pomodoro provide bursts of focus by pre-allocating time for tasks and relaxation.



The key takeaway from this discussion is the right stimuli for increasing our productivity, whether in our personal lives or at work or school. We discussed various emotional drivers of productivity, such as passion and fear, along with widely available productivity-boosting techniques. We need to find out what drives or motivates us to achieve our productivity goals.

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