Unlimited Plans Brought to You by Foxtel

With the new devices served on our plate in this present time, utilising them to entertain ourselves and to execute our tasks in the best way possible became the prime evidence of success in a country. Life can be challenging because of the fast-paced development that needs the right mindset and a productive system to remain stable.

It is not easy to do all our responsibilities and obligations at once. Whenever we experience a stressful week, it is best to de-stress with the use of the technological devices we have at home, such as our television unit to ease the tension in our body temporarily.

Therefore, it is best not only to invest in a stable internet connection but a sturdy television unit as well because it is best to remember, always to prioritise your well-being before anything else. Foxtel, a media company in Australia, provides a wide range of entertainment bundle services for hard-working individuals like you.

They are the first Australian company which showcases a 24/7 channel service with ultra-high-definition quality of streams. Foxtel assured that customers would be able to enjoy an astronomical streaming experience during their rest days at work. They do not want you to waste your money on services that may not be able to reach the standards you opt to set.

As you enjoy the streaming experience brought to you by the best television media company, here is the list of unlimited NBN plans with Foxtel:

  1. Unlimited Broadband + Foxtel Plus

With an unlimited speed of 45MBPS every month, a YouTube HD, Foxtel Plus with over 50 channels, and iQ4 set-top box, indeed, this is a great deal for individuals who live alone or accompanied by one or two people. At an amount of $124.00, you can already enjoy these services without compromising the budget you allotted for your daily living expenses.

  1. Unlimited Broadband + Movies HD

At an amount of $139.00 every month, you can already experience great streaming sessions with the inclusion of NBN plus speed, 45MBPS of internet connection speed, HD video streaming for YouTube, Movies from Foxtel plus HD, and an iQ4 set-top box. This broadband bundle works best if you love watching high definition movies most of the time.

  1. Unlimited Broadband + Sports HD

This broadband bundle provides the same features as the Unlimited Broadband + Movie HD package but, the unique thing about this plan is that it allows you to access unlimited sports channels every month rather than the movies. It will also charge you $139.00 monthly at an MBPS of 45.

  1. Unlimited Broadband + Premium

This broadband bundle works best if you have a family in which you plan to place this package because it gives you access to NBN plus speed, HD streaming for YouTube, and an unlimited premium streaming for Foxtel Plus, Sports HD, Movies HD and Kids channel. At an affordable price of $144.00 every month at a speed of 45 MBPS, you can already enjoy the stated features and have a wonderful streaming experience.


You may opt to include Netflix subscription to all of these bundles, but the prices may vary in which you would want that movie streaming application to be added. Also, if you wish to increase your network speed, you can always check on different broadband companies that might help you have a better and stable internet connection throughout your day-to-day journey. Always remember to prioritise your physical and mental well-being regardless of the benefits this journey gives you because, through that process, you will not only succeed in your professional life but in your personal obligations as well.

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