Unpaid wage lawyers are the solution to a due or unpaid wage claim.

An employee is a person who does manual or non-executive work for getting a wage. The employers of any companies, institutions, or organizations have a legal obligation to pay the payment that their employees earn.

If the employers provide the payment tardily or don’t want to give wages, the workers can file allegation. In this kind of unpaid wage issue, a lawyer can help them. A lawyer who works for the due wage problem of the employees is an unpaid wage lawyer

In California, the unpaid payment claim is a legal action brought by an employee to recover wages that he or she deserves. The employees can file a wage claim. Some examples of California’s unpaid wage issues and their possible solutions are given below.

Minimum wage

California’s wage and work hour law enables a minimum wage and mandatory overtime facilities. Unpaid wages or late payments issues are unacceptable in California. 

 If any employer contravenes minimum wage law, the workers can claim wage and work hour class action litigation. This kind of issue is illegal, and if any employees got deprived of their minimum wage, they should contact the Department of Labor’s Wage-hour Division.


California’s overtime law describes that the employers must have to pay overtime for working more than the usual work hour. The non-exempt workers or employees who don’t have a different workweek schedule often entitled to overtime wages if they work more hours than their single workday.

If any employer doesn’t pay overtime wage in time, the employees should first speak with the employer. If still, the problem remains unsolved, they should talk to an attorney, or they can go to the court.

Alternative pay Schedule  

Labor law enables that if the employees get their payment based on any other schedule, the employers have to pay the fees not later than seven days after finishing each work period. The rule ensures that every employee will receive their wages on time.

If an employer breaks the rules of an alternative payment schedule, the workers can file an allegation and also can claim for extra expenses they had due to the late of the salary.

Exempt Employee’s Payment

Usually, the exempt employee’s payment schedule is different than the other employees. The exempt employees may get their payment once a month.

If an exempt employee doesn’t get his/ her payment from the employer, they can file allegations against the employer.


Usually, an employee can’t claim bonuses if it is not entitled in the contract. They can’t seek a federal agency’s advice for not getting bonuses as it is out of the fair labor standard act.

But if the issue was on the agreement appropriately, they can enforce it. For this, the employee should first speak with the employer about the subject. Whether the employer can’t resolve the problem, the employee should talk to an attorney if the bonus was big or can form a small claim on the court for a little bonus issue.

If any employee faces any kind of unpaid or late wage issue like the above mentioned, they should meet with an unpaid wage lawyer.

How can an Unpaid Wage lawyer the employees?

An unpaid wage lawyer deals with the due wage issue of the employees. While the employees face late or unpaid wages problem and want to file an allegation against the employer, the unpaid wage lawyers can help them through providing a proper guideline.

Sometimes, the unpaid wage lawyers fight cases on the court form the behalf of his clients. This kind of lawyer tries to help the employees to get their unpaid or due wages through legal justice.  

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