How to Use Personalized Text Messages for Business Promotion?

Promoting business was never so easy. Just like numerous other things, the advancement of technology has really helped the business owners to reach out to their target audience and ensure an instant boost in their business value. Electronic and social media has played a key role in this venture by making advertising easier than ever.

However, social and electronic media marketing does not help achieve the purpose of personalization in competitive markets like the United Arab Emirates. People tend to ignore the marketing campaigns that lack the personalization effect. They disregard it while thinking it will not benefit them. However, personalized messages make them think twice.

What are personalized messages?

Personalized messages are those that include the name of the receiver and the information of the sender. In addition to it, the personalized messages often direct the attention of the receiver towards some service they received, or they might want to. It also serves as a reminder, motivating the readers to take the desired action.

Explore this article in detail to learn how you can use personalized text messages for business promotion.

Top 6 Tips to Make Most Out of Personalized Messages

There is no doubt that the reach of SMS marketing is much greater than social or electronic media. The personalization factor adds more value to text messages and helps business organizations achieve their purpose. However, it does require a little effort to earn the benefit.

The following are some important tips to make the most out of your personalized messaging campaign.

1). Collect Customer Data

The very first thing you need to make the most out of the personalized messages is to collect the data of your valuable customers. If you do not have their personal data like name and contact information, you cannot create a personalized message. Managing customer data and sending messages can become hectic. So, large business organizations prefer hiring a professional SMS advertising UAE-based company to gather customer data and send them personalized messages legally.

2). Create Different Segments

Getting the customers’ data is the starting point. It cannot be used without any arrangement, as it will not leave room for personalization. Creating different segments according to the details of the customers is crucial. For example, in the case of an eatery business, you can create different segments on the basis of dining in, takeaway, cancellation order customers.

3). Create Messages for Every Segment

The true essence of personalization will only come to the highlight if you create a separate message for every segment. For example, you can address the name of the receiver and ask them about their dine-in experience. You can also personalize the message by sharing offers relevant to the previous service any customer has used.

4). Double Check the Messages

Double-checking the message, as well as the receiver, is significantly important to maximize personalization. For example, mixing up the messages asking some customers about their order delivery and cancellation will make the situation difficult. It will not only create a little hassle but also make the customers hesitant about using your service. So, double-check the message before sending it.

5). Send Messages to All Segments Individually

The key tip of making the most out of the personalized messages is sending the message to all the segments individually. The messages of one segment should be different from the other. Otherwise, it will not be considered personalized messages. You can ask about the experience of dining in customers, or reasons for order cancellation while mentioning suitable recommendations and discounts. It will motivate the customers to experience your service again.

6). Measure the ROI

One of the most important tips for making the most out of the personalized messaging campaigns is to measure the ROI. If you do not measure it, you will not be able to identify the benefits or drawbacks. In light of these factors, you can also improvise your campaign.

However, measuring the ROI will need expert skills. You will only waste your time and resources if you attempt it otherwise. Instead, hire the service of SMS advertising companies in UAE to manage your personalized messaging campaigns, measure and boost the ROI professionally.

Win more and more customers through a personalized messaging campaign!

Getting a personalized message about a discount on a favorite brand or eatery can get anyone moving. This is also a great tactic to attract customers or clients during the season of low sales. So, optimize your personalized messaging game and ensure reaching out to all of your target audiences.

Do not waste your time and resources by trying to personalize the messages on your own. You will also lose your loyal customers to your competitors by delaying the campaign. Trust the professional names to set everything with their expertise and surpass your expectations. Provide timely notice to your valuable customers to win their trust and help them enjoy your limited services.

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