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Utility Kilts are also known as modern Kilt. You can find a great variety in the kind of Kilt in the online marketplace. Those who are unaware of the utility kilt and at what occasions one must wear it, this article is going to be extremely helpful. Besides that, utility kilts also help the people carry their belongings without hassle as it comes with large cargo pockets that can accommodate many things in it.

What is a utility kilt?

It is mostly used for practical purposes. A utility killed looks good for everyday use or for events that require casual apparels. As kilts become a fashion statement, certain alterations occurred in the dress. The utility kilt is a bit different from the Great Kilt in terms of design and pattern. The accessories also differ for the utility kilt. But apart from everything, Utility kilt for Men just like traditional Kilt is a pure depiction of Celtic Heritage.

Features of the best Utility Kilt:

Following are the features of the modern Kilt:

  • It is made of heavy cotton.
  • It contains cargo pockets on the sides.
  • The frontal side is fastening with two poppers.
  • There are two straps present at the side of the Kilt.
  • On average, it is about 24 inches in length.
  • You can find multiple colors in the Utility kilt.
  • It comes with rust-free stud ornated on the front.
  • One of the pockets contains a picture of the Scottish lion.

Can a woman wear tartan utility kilt?

Yes, in the 21st century, outfits are not restricted to one gender. In fact, everyone can wear anything they want. When it comes to tradition and Celtic heritage dressing, women do not wear the kilted outfit. Rather they wear long skirts made from Tartan.  Their kilts come with a brooch and a scarf that wraps the upper region of their bodies.

Where to buy the hybrid utility kilt?

As the world of internet is accessible to everyone, there is a chance that you might be scammed in the process of purchasing a kilt. If you want to know the reliable source, you can buy a good quality kilt from our store. We see the value of your hard-earned money, so we offer high-quality Celtic apparels and accessories in the most competitive budget. By far, we have received thousands of positive reviews from our happy customers regarding our fast order dispatch and premium quality.


Utility kilts are a modern alteration to the traditional Scottish outfit. It is also known as modern Kilt. The biggest difference between the conventional kilted outfit and trendy utility outfit is that one is made from wool. The latter is made from cotton. You can find the kilts in the affordable range at our store. It is good for everyday use too as it is more casual in nature.