Know The Benefits Of Pursuing Certificate III In Early Childhood Education And Care

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You find children to be extremely adorable, right? Now, you imagine a situation. You’re sitting in a classroom, where a group of flowery children surrounds you. They will do various cute activities, sometimes also mischief. But one fact you can be very sure about is that you will never get bored. Once you are in the class, you will be one whom they will obey the most. And what’s exciting, you will get paid for this. Well, that is what a childhood educator and carer usually do. 

Right now, it is a growing sector in Australia. According to government reports, job openings will steadily increase in the future years. So, if you love children, this sector is the best option for your career. But, you may wonder about what should be your marking point to dive in this sector. That is not at all difficult. There are child care courses in Perth available in various colleges, both online and on-campus. Generally, there are two types of systems in which people apply. One is the Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care, and another is Diploma in Childcare & Online health and social care courses.

Basics of a Certificate 3 in Early Childhood Education and Care Perth

Before you apply, you should know the basics of the certificate 3 course in early childhood education Perth.

  1. You can attend the course on either a part-time or a full-time basis, according to your choice of time. If you choose full-time, you must attend two days of classes each week continuously for six months. While in the case of a part-time course, you will have to attend classes just on every second Saturday over nine months.
  2. You need to know the funding options before the commencement of the course. You can fund your study from your pocket. The amount will be pretty substantial. Or, you can also apply for government funding or concession benefits, whichever is applicable.
  3. You should complete at least 120 hours of vocational training in any childcare centre, which is nationally registered. One day attendance a week will be enough to satisfy it.

 What does the course cover?

In certificate III in early childhood education Perth, you will learn the fundamental set of skills and knowledge needed to be an early childhood educator in a childcare centre or a school. You can also work as a day-care worker in any childcare centre or private residence with similar qualifications. You can design a complete education plan for your child pupils, which you will implement to help in their overall development from a very early age. The minimum age limit has to be 18 years.

18 study units are in this course, where 15 units are core and the remaining 3 are elective. The core units include ‘Develop positive and respectful relationships with children, ‘Provide care for children, ‘Provide care for babies and toddlers, ‘Ensure the health and safety of children’, etc.


What are the benefits of studying Certificate 3 in early childhood education and care?

Not just job opportunities, you will find other benefits of this course too.


  1. To build a successful career, you need to build a concrete foundation of skills and knowledge. And these essential skills and knowledge can be learned in this course. Based on those, you can get placed in several posts, from nanny to early childhood educator or day-care worker.
  2. The experts and industry-experienced trainer will teach you theoretical knowledge and indulge you in practical hands-on training. This course is highly flexible. Thus, you can adjust your time of preferences according to the planned schedule. You can also control your speed of learning. Either you take a faster learning or a slower pace.
  3. The course generally takes one to one and a half years to complete. And you will get ample job opportunities. So, in a word, you’re getting placement offers after a period that is even less than 2 years.
  4. We mentioned before that 120-hour vocational training is required for completing the course. Once you invest much time in practical training, you increase your chances of improving the professional sector.
  5. You do not need to be highly academically qualified like a Masters or PhD. Only a high school passing certificate will be enough for you to apply.
  6. You can pursue even further higher studies in childcare if not interested in the immediate placement. The diploma course will teach you advanced skills and the basic skills that you have learned in the certificate 3 course. So, if you have this prior qualification, it will naturally help you in better understanding. 
  7. Finally, you will be placed in jobs that are satisfying as well as rewarding. Just imagine, you will teach fresh and curious minds, and you will also have contribution in shaping them.

 What jobs can you get?

Plenty of job opportunities will be available as you complete certificate III in early childhood education Perth and start your search. The most common job options are early childhood educator, childcare worker, preschool teacher, assistant teacher, or manager of a childcare centre.


As an early childhood educator, you will design and organize the curriculum for the students and make them engaged in various activities. It will help them in overall development – physical, mental and social. As you can understand, how caring and patient you must be for this role. Regarding their development, you must frequently discuss with their parents.

A day-care worker’s role is pretty different from that of an educator. Here, he or she will be assigned to look after infants or toddlers in a specific set of environment, a private home or a care centre. A day-care worker is usually needed when the children are not getting the parents’ care. 

Even though managerial jobs are more familiar with the diploma, you can still go for it after completing certificate 3. Here, you need to supervise the planning and execution of students’ curriculum at a childcare centre. You should also inspire your staff.

Ending Note

If Perth is your preferred destination in Australia, you can discuss the matter with Education Agent Perth. They can give you valuable inputs regarding the course of study in Perth, and also provide inputs on building a successful career.