Ways to cure black spots on your succulents

Succulents are undeniably one of the best plants to have at home. You can have this in your garden or inside your home, sitting on tables or near the window. In addition, it requires less supervision as it can live without too much care, unlike other types of plants. 

But just like superheroes, they also have their weaknesses. The good thing about it is that it has a cure and prevention that you can follow. In today’s series of talks, we will discuss the black spots common in succulents. According to Gardenandgrass.com, black spots are the most common disease for succulents. 

Come and join us as we gather all the information needed in caring for your succulents. 

Succulent Black Spots: Causes and Cure

Before we proceed in treating black spots, let us know the causes first to prevent them beforehand. As you know, taking action is the best way to make your succulents more healthy and beneficial. It includes the following;

Conquer Rot, Fungus, and Water Warts

It happens when you place your succulents at a place where moisture is evident. Too much humidity will drown the succulent, making it rot. In addition, succulents are not used to too much water as they are usually from the desert or dry areas. Altering their natural habitat will cause their death in an instant. 

You will notice that your succulents have this when it has round black spots in its leaves. Then afterward, it will fall off on its own. 

What you can do to prevent this is to make sure that they are in a place that is not so humid. But if you are living in a humid area, water the succulents once a week. Also, never spray water on the leaves. The leaves do not absorb moisture, so you are just creating the start of a black spot. Furthermore, you can use pesticides. 

Sunburn no more

It is surprising to say that this plant can also suffer from sunburn. Yes, we know it usually grows in dry places, especially the dessert, but odd things like this happen. For example, a succulent suffers from sunburn when it is in a container or a pot. It is because the pot heats up compared to when it is planted on the ground. 

Usually, when a succulent is planted on the ground, its root finds ways to cool down despite how hot the environment is. So what you can do to avoid sunburn is to plant them on land. Or you can also stay having it in a pot, but you need to place it in a nice place where it can get a lovely ray of sunlight and a good shade when it heats up. 

Say bye to Pests

All plants suffer from pest infestation at some point in their life. Thus, you can’t tell when it will happen. The pest not only eats up the nutrients from the plant. They also leave small black spots. It is like their poop. Now these black spots, if left untreated, will spread until it kills the plant.

What you can do is apply insecticide or pesticide to the body of the plant. It can help avoid mealybugs, ants, aphids, and other plant pests from getting into your succulents. 

Fight Frost

If you reside in a place where it freezes, then your succulents are prone to this. You will see that It will start at the tip of the leaves; when you spot the signs of frost and black spots on your succulent, you can’t do anything but remove that affected area and let it grow again. 

The only prevention you can do is using a frost cloth as a cover during the winter season. 

Avoid Overwatering

Since this is a plant not used to too much water, overwatering will kill it. The succulent will drown, and it will start to decay as it lives. If you think that good drainage from your pot is all good, well, it is not. Even if it drains fast, soil still absorbs the water and will still drown the roots. Also, a lot of moisture will be present in the succulent soil. 

What you can do is to avoid overwatering it. As simple as it can be, but it is all that it needs. 


Your succulent may be a simple plant, but the ambiance it attracts in your garden is like those other vibrant flowers. The way it beautifies your room or living area is to the roof. Moreover, it is easy to take care of and maintain compared to shrubs and other plants. 

Now to give back to its humble beauty. Take care of succulents like how to take care of roses or lilies. In this article, we hope that you take it by heart to make sure that your succulents will be at their perfect look.