We know how to make your bathroom perfect!

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To begin with, washing and taking a bath are two completely different actions. Taking a bath is not only a hygienic procedure but also a therapeutic and cosmetic one. To turn a bathtub into an original interior detail with excellent functional qualities is enough to purchase beautiful and practical accessories in bathroom suppliers near me.

Frame and mounting kit

The mounting kit is used for floor installation of the bathtub on a metal frame. This set includes all the necessary fixings for a secure installation of the acrylic bathtub.

The frame is a high-quality metal structure that is bolted to the bathtub. They are screwed into special mortgages located on the bottom of the bath. This type of fastening gives the bath the most excellent stability and reliability of its adhesion to the supporting structure itself.

It is impossible to install a bathroom without a frame and an installation kit; therefore, we recommend purchasing them immediately.

There is also a simplified way for installation – supporting legs. But it is only suitable for classic bathtubs.

To ensure the drainage of excess water from the bathroom, thereby preventing flooding, purchasing an automatic siphon is imperative!

Screen panel, curtain, and headrest

Looking for a solution to hide the space under the bathroom?

The panel is the ideal solution; it is easy to install and remove, thanks to the simple fastening system. A large number of designs style selections will help create a unique interior or emphasize an existing one. On the one hand, the panel is attached to the eaves of the bathtub, and on the other, to the frame.

Bath curtains will help protect the bathroom from splashing water while taking water procedures. They are made of tempered glass of matte color and move apart due to the lower and upper double rollers that do not jump out of the guides; they are quiet and durable.

To make all body parts feel relaxed while taking a bath, a wide range of headrests of various shapes and colors is presented on the market.

Tie-in bathroom accessories

Whirlpool baths are becoming more and more popular. The therapeutic effect of hydromassage is based on a combination of heat, massage, and weightlessness. The location of the nozzles of the devices presented on the market is measured from an anatomical point of view. It is based on the recommendations of leading physiotherapists and medical practitioners. Depending on your wishes, you can choose a hydromassage for the back, legs, or the entire bottom of an acrylic bath in any bathroom supply store in Brooklyn, New York. There is also an alternative to hydromassage – this is air massage, which is carried out by air and does not require additional maintenance. It has a positive effect on the skin as it creates air circulation.

All types of hydro and air massage can be installed both together and separately

A little more about hydromassage! During a back massage, muscle tension is relieved, and the spine relaxes, thereby restoring the performance of the back muscles and improving the general condition of the body. By buying a bathtub with a massage, you will provide yourself with vigor and a good mood every day.

Bathroom Lighting

If you are ready to create a mood in your bathroom and give it a gorgeous look – lighting is exactly what you need! It will be a great addition to the main lighting in the bathroom, thanks to which you can emphasize the design, create coziness and a romantic atmosphere.

For increased safety and extra comfort, we recommend installing handles in the bathroom. This element is an excellent helper for the elderly, children, and especially pregnant women.

With the cascade bath faucet, it is possible to add an aesthetic touch to the room’s design. The cascading water flow and graceful forms emphasize the sophisticated style.

We hope we have convinced our readers that the bath is not just an “abode of cleanliness” but also a place for our rest. A vast selection of bathroom accessories that will improve your health, relax and emphasize the unique design of the room will be an excellent addition to the purchase of a bathtub.

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