6 Web design techniques that impress your visitors

See the relationship of the numbers above?

If anyone is thinking that making a website is all about designing the look and feel alone we have to tell each other here that we are wrong. Therefore, here the author would like to define the term ‘A website that pleases customers’ as a website that is beautifully designed and meets the needs of usability, sure enough. If the reader is someone who is want to have their own website. Or have you ever heard someone complain about wanting to have a beautiful website? One website but don’t know where to start? Share this article for them to read, because this article is suitable for people who are thinking of starting a website by themselves (No designer), as well as those who want to make a website but have no idea how to explain it to graphic designers once This is a pocket-sized course that Web design company Singapore has put together for you to read on 6 unfamiliar tricks about designing a website that appeals to customers. Guarantee that it’s not as difficult as you think. Plus it will make life a lot easier. If you’re ready, let’s start at the first point.

  1. Website Design Keep it simple

Keep it simple

Has anyone ever been to any store that made you feel that the product was so crowded that it was dizzy? Therefore had to withdraw and end up not getting what you want, raise your hand! Don’t make your website the epitome of clutter by stuffing everything into one page. So cutting out some unnecessary information and stuff will make the ‘really important things stand out even more. If you click on it, you will see a video that plays automatically flashing letters or flashy colors until dazzling I can believe that someone must have pressed out from the first few seconds for sure.

The sites do not just put ‘something’ into the web, but we choose to enter them into ‘like’ a matter where the object hierarchy or any of the images is outstanding other things around whether by size, color, or alignment. This way, our products can catch the eye of the audience where other elements in the picture, they will not look contradicting themselves. And do not worry if there is white space (White space) on the website because of human nature. Our eyes are often drawn by the tiny black dots that always pop up on white space the principles of website design are the same. Therefore, if anyone is thinking of looking for something to fill the website with every molecule, please break it first. You have been warned!

  1. Understand the use of color

Understand the use of color

As Web development company Singapore used to suggest about choosing the right color for the website to get the most out of color means you have to know its meaning first. Each color has a different feel to the visitor. In addition to choosing to match the image of your business, you must also choose a balance in color matching. An example of how to do this is a technique that is not easy but not too difficult to apply. Let’s try to adjust it.

The main color is the same color as the brand logo

Secondary or background color It is a soft tone or black and white color for comfort on the eyes. The Call to action button is highlighted in a contrasting color with the logo to make it stand out.

  1. Images must be attractive

Website design Images must be attractive

Nowadays, there are many websites where we can download images for free for commercial use. And if that doesn’t cover the needs, there are millions of beautiful pictures that we can buy and use right. If readers want to use existing images or is it a picture of our real product? That’s even better. But the thing to be sure is whether the photos are sharp enough and can convey the business as we had in our heads because sometimes we can’t explain all the information by typing. Images are the perfect complement to build confidence in the visitor. Including indicating the professionalism of our business as well

  1. Choose a font that must be hit

A great slogan must be accompanied by an attractive font. Of course, you can also add even more value to those phrases by choosing a font that gives the same Mood & Tone, the color scheme of the website, and the images. The use of fonts is another that affects the feelings of the audience small details The size of the font, color, thickness, slant, and kerning all affect the ‘textual’ that is important to convey.

  1. The text is easy to read

Easy to read text

What’s the point if you have interesting content but no one reads it? So when we talk about websites that are ‘friendly’ to the eyes of the visitor. It should consist of all 3 things.

The language is easy to understand, clear, to the point, and the content is complete but not lengthy.

The article pages are well organized. There is not too much space between the letters and not too little. The text is not long on multiple lines without spaces. (Just thinking about it makes me dizzy)

Text size and fonts must be easy to read without zooming in and out

A beautiful website design can get nothing if visitors can’t understand the content and the context we want to communicate with the limitation of each person’s eyesight that is not the same the recommended solution is to test with multiple visitors with different eyesight to find a central point that covers all visitors. You can design your website in cheap price from our recommended site. I invite you to visit there by clicking on the highlighted link which is mentioned in this article.