What are Grade 2 Hemorrhoids Treatments?

This blog will help you to determine what grade 2 hemorrhoids are. Hemorrhoids or piles are caused by an increase in pressure on the veins within the rectal and anal canals. There are two types: internal and external hemorrhoids. The four grades of internal hemorrhoids can be further broken down into Grades I, II and III, with the severest being grade IV. You should take advice from the best Piles Doctor in Kolkata.

What happens to Grade II HEMORRHOIDS?

Grade II hemorrhoids extend past the anal verge when you strain during bowel movements. However, once the straining has stopped, they will spontaneously return to their original internal position. They are more prominent than Grade 1 hemorrhoids.

Grade III Hemorrhoids Usually, protrude beyond the anal canal and require manual reduction

Internal hemorrhoids are hemorrhoids that are concealed within the rectum. Although they are not visible, symptoms can be caused by them. 

Excessive straining due to chronic constipation, chronic diarrhea, pregnancy, as it adds pressure inside the pelvis from baby in the uterus.

Hemorrhoids symptoms:

  • These are the most common signs of Piles:
  • Recurrent bleeding is painless
  • Itching or pain in the abdomen
  • An irritation of the skin around anus canal
  • Tissue bulging around anus
  • Tissue bulging around anus

Is there any rectal bleeding with grade 2 hemorrhoids?

Rectal bleeding may not be an issue in grade 2 hemorrhoids. Grade 2 hemorrhoids may begin to bleed if they are not treated. Hemorrhoids can be seen as bright red blood spots on the stool and on tissue when they go to the toilet. Although the amount of blood may not be large, it is important to see a proctologist if you experience the same symptoms.

How do you diagnose grade 2 hemorrhoids?

Most patients find it difficult to diagnose internal hemorrhoids or grade 2 piles. You can have hemorrhoids diagnosed by your doctor through a questionnaire or a physical exam.

A digital rectal exam may be performed by your doctor using a gloved finger to examine your rectum. Anoscopy is where your doctor inserts a small, lighted scope into the anus to examine the inside of your anal Canal.

If the patient with piles has signs and symptoms that indicate underlying digestive disease or are at high risk for developing colorectal cancer, the doctor may recommend a coloscopy.

Grade 2 Hemorrhoids Treatment

Home remedies for grade 2 hemorrhoids

If you have symptoms of piles, you can use ingredients like aloe vera gel and witch hazel or castor oil.

Lifestyle changes for grade 2 piles

Do not strain or push your bowel movements while you pass them.

Regular exercise can increase blood flow to the affected areas.

Surgery can be the best treatment

Piles surgery is necessary when the problem persists or home remedies and over-the-counter medications fail to work. To avoid complications, consult a general practitioner. This can be the best treatment for Piles.

New, yet highly effective, Laser Treatments of Hemorrhoids or Piles have become more common thanks to advances in science and technology. 

Laser ablation is performed by a doctor or surgeon. Laser ablation is not radiation. Laserization is a process that causes denaturation, coagulation and uncoupling protein bonds that are essential for the tissue’s integrity.

Laser surgery is superior to any other treatment because of its ability to treat piles and immediate results. As long as patients can continue their daily activities, they are usually discharged within 24 hours.