What are the most and least common Mega Millions numbers?

THE Mega Millions jackpot reached a whopping $1billion ahead of the drawing scheduled for January 22, 2021.


Lottery players are eagerly awaiting to hear what the winning numbers are.

A sign showing the Mega Millions drawing top prize of $970million hangs in a store window in New York City on Friday, January 22, 2021



What are the most common Mega Millions of numbers?

The number 31 has been drawn 243 times since the game’s launch in 1996.

The number 17 has been drawn 238 times, while the number 10 has been selected 232 times.

The number 10 has been the most drawn number since 2017, followed by 31 and 14.

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Some Mega numbers come up more often than others


What are the least common Mega Millions of numbers?

The number 72 has only been drawn 20 times in Mega Millions, most recently in 2017.

The number 71 has been drawn 22 times, and also last dropped four years ago.

The number 21 is the least drawn number over the last four years at 14.

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Brandon Jones shows his Mega Millions of multi-state lottery tickets after buying them at a gas station near the Alabama state border in Tallapoosa, Georgia, in January of 2021


How high has the Mega Millions jackpot reached?

The jackpot ballooned to $1billion ahead of the January 22 drawing after more than four months without a winner thanks to bad luck, poor odds, and reduced play due to the coronavirus pandemic.

It’s only the third time a lottery jackpot has grown so large, but much has changed since the last time such a big prize was up for grabs in 2018.

The odds of winning a jackpot remain the same – incredibly small – but for a variety of reasons fewer people are playing Mega Millions or Powerball.

A customer purchases Mega Millions of lottery tickets at a retailer in Arlington, Virginia


Players have a one in 302.5 million chance to win the giant Mega Millions jackpot. Tickets cost $2.

“There were five Mega Millions jackpot winners in 2020, with two states getting their first-ever jackpot win in the game: Arizona, which took the largest prize of the year at $414 million on June 9, and Wisconsin, where a lucky winner won $120 million on September 15,” reads the Mega Millions website in South Africa.


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