What is the best website builder?

Based on the above criteria, and much more, we have compiled an ultimate top 5 of the best website makers for different categories. Now you no longer have to visit all dozens of website makers and check their price, but we have already done all the research work for you!

1. Jimdo

Whether you want to create a webshop, a blog or a one-pager on a specific topic, Jimdo can never be the wrong choice. With Jimdo you can do everything you could want with a website, such as creating a webshop, a calendar function with which customers can schedule an appointment themselves, and a wide range of payment options from direct debit to iDeal.  

Benefits Jimdo

  • No transaction costs at your webshop
  • Low rate in the first year
  • Many payment methods
  • Websites automatically work on all kinds of different devices, including mobile
  • You can use pictures from Jimbo’s gallery for free for your website design

Cons Jimdo

Much more expensive monthly rate after the first year of use

2. Yourweb

For people who don’t want to spend that much money on a website, but are still looking for a nice and easy website builder, there is Jouwweb! On Jouwweb you can design a website completely free of charge, which is also very functional.

Only hosting your site costs money at Jouwweb! The simple website builder makes designing and developing your own website just fun, and they also work on all different types of screens. Learn more about price of making a website 

With Jouwweb you can also create a webshop and arrange things that make your company look very professional, such as your own email domain and good SEO optimization, so that potential customers quickly come to your site when they perform a Google search.

3. Wix

Unlike many other website builders, using Wix is ​​basically completely free. Because of this it is not possible to create a webshop, but you can create and host a beautifully designed site, with which you can reach many people.

Wix is ​​ideal for, for example, a portfolio website or a small business site that wants to reach a large audience through SEO. If you want to make your website more modern than go to the aleph website it is one of the best services for you.

Benefits Wix

  • Free hosting and design
  • Works on a variety of different devices
  • SEO optimization
  • Easy to design via the website designer
  • Many templates, one of which always fits your site

Cons Wix

  • Wix watermark on your website with the free service
  • No possibility of webshop

4. Weebly

If you have a small to medium-sized company, it is sometimes necessary to adjust a few small things about your webshop during your day. With Weebly it is possible to manage your website on your phone, so even if you are on the train to your next business meeting, you can still keep your website in optimal shape.

Weebly also offers handy tools to keep track of your stock, to optimize the prices in your webshop and much more. All in all, it’s best to create your company website on Weebly, for an easy and flexible webshop service!

Benefits Weebly

  • More than 200 plug-ins / apps for businesses to make their site more attractive to customers 
  • Ideal commercial tools to easily maintain webshops and company website
  • Built-in marketing capabilities save a lot of time, money and effort for your business
  • Easy design options and many different templates to choose from

Cons Weebly

A little more complicated than a cheap website builder like Wix, thanks to the many options

5. Strato

If you’ve started a new business or are new to the world of website building and management, Strato is the ideal solution for you. That’s because Strato offers incredibly low prices for the first year you use their services.

This way you can try out a website for a year and see what works and what doesn’t, without taking major financial risks. Strato’s service team is also always there for you and there is support for plugins such as WordPress, so that you can easily experiment with them.

Benefits Strato

  • Very cheap in the first year, so good to experiment
  • Great price after the first year and flexible plans
  • Easy design options and many different templates to choose from
  • Works on a variety of different devices
  • Lots of web spaces
  • SEO optimization
  • Possibilities for e-mail inboxes

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