What Kind of Kegs Are the Best for Homebrewing?

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Many people who are just starting home brewing are not familiar with the different types of kegs and need advice on choosing a suitable dispensing system. We are constantly asked: «What is the difference between half a barrel, pony, and corny keg barrels»?

Read in our article about all the differences, as well as when you should choose Cornelius barrels.

Types of Kegs for Those Who Brew Beer at Home

Looking for a suitable container for storing and dispensing beer?

At the moment there are several popular barrels, depending on their size:

  • Corny is a small cylinder canister. Dimensions range from 1.5 gallons (6 l) to 10 gallons (37.85 l).
  • Pony – this type is also suitable for home brewing, but such kegs are usually larger than corny. There are different types: the European pony-barrel goes for 5 liters, and the American one holds about 7.75 gallons (about 30 liters) and more. It is important to understand that these barrels are heavier than Cornelius and harder to move. Therefore, they are not always convenient for those who brew beer at home.
  • Half barrel kegs are large tanks (50 liters or more) that are not suitable for home use.

Corny Kegs for Homebrewing and Their Advantages

Cornelius are deservedly considered the best choice for home brewing. And it’s not just their convenient size:

  • High quality materials: These barrels are made of stainless steel.
  • Some kegs can be stacked.
  • The barrels have a safety valve. They are easy to disassemble and disinfect.
  • There are 2 types of kegs: with a ball lock and with a pin lock. The most popular are barrels with ball locks: they are easy to operate, maintain and transport.
  • Provide long-term storage of the finished product: properly carbonated and cooled beer can be stored in this jerry can for a year, remaining fresh.

If you don’t know where to buy a corny keg, we recommend you visit the online store of Beverage Craft beveragecraft.com. Here you will find the best choice of quality and carefully tested equipment for home brewing!

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