What the Website Design Process Actually Looks Like in Practice

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The best marketing agency always has a web designer or developer on its staff. They’re the masterminds behind all the stunning websites you see, so they’re vital.

But, have you ever wondered what a web designer does? How do they build such awesome sites? We’ve got the answers for you.

In this article, you’ll learn all about the website design process. Keep reading to discover how the magic happens!

Discuss the Project With the Client

Before starting, a web designer meets with their client to discuss the scope of the project. To put together the best web design possible, the designer must find out what the client wants.

During this step, the client gets asked questions about their dream website and its style or features. The developer might also ask about the site’s purpose to ensure their design is practical for it.

Create the Rough Drafts

Once the designer understands the client’s needs, they can begin the drafting stage of the web design process. This is when they put together sketches and outlines of what the website might look like. By doing so, they can provide a rough layout for the client to see.

If the client wants to make any drastic changes, this is when they should mention it. It’s easier for the web developer to make edits now than when they’ve already started.

Start Developing the Website

Once the drafts get approved, the designer can start building the website. During this part, the website starts to come alive! The amount of time it takes depends on the complexity of the site; it could take anywhere from one month to four.

The web designer might work from scratch using HTML and JavaScript. Or, they could opt for the best website builders for a more streamlined approach.

Discuss the Progress Midway

In the middle of the website design process, the web developer will share an update with their client. They might also send other updates along the way. Doing so keeps the client involved in the progress and allows them to see how their website looks and make any necessary tweaks.

Perform a Demo and Get Approval

As the website nears completion, the web developer will perform a demo for the client. It’s like a test run that ensures everything works and meets the client’s expectations. If the client approves it, then the designer can finish finalizing it.

Launch the Live Website

The last step of the process is the best one. Once the website gets finished, it can get launched! There should be some web traffic coming to visit the live website if the client puts forth their best marketing efforts.

Some errors may occur during this stage, but the designer should fix them right away.

A 6 Step Website Design Process

The website design process is often a long one, but the results are always worth it. After all, designers and developers put in a lot of effort to make their clients’ dreams come true. If you ever work with one, consider getting involved in the process to see it first-hand!

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