What to Do When You Have Problems With a Car Repair

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Sometimes you are too far from your favourite garage when car trouble occurs. So you call a garage closer to you. Because the garage is unknown to you, you might find the bill too high and question its correctness.

 What to do when you have a problem with a car repair

  1. Negotiate

If there is a problem with a car service or repair, the first thing to do is negotiate with the garage. Find out if you can work out a solution favourable to both parties. If speaking to them does not work, it is best to send the garage a letter or an email. Doing so gives you a record of the issue and your attempts to communicate with the garage. 

Since you do not have transportation in the meantime, ask the garage what they can do to help you. Check if the garage has a courtesy car. The court would not award any money if the garage offered services you did not accept. Keep the receipts of all extra money you paid for travel while you continue to dispute the car service bill. 

You will not experience such hassles if you use RAC approved garages. You are confident that they will provide excellent service at a fair price. 

2. Take further action

If the initial negotiation fails, you can take further action. Further action gives you more options to claim compensation or resolve the issue. But ensure that you try to negotiate first. While there is an ongoing dispute, the garage cannot sell or get rid of your car but has the right to keep it.

3.  Pay the garage

If you need your car badly but you are not happy with the amount of the service bill, you can pay the total amount under protest. Then, you can get your car back while the dispute continues. 

Ensure that you write the phrase “paying under protest” on all the copies of the receipts and the repair order sheet from the garage. Let them know you are paying the bill under protest. If you fail to do this, it will be tough to get compensation afterwards. They could argue that you paid the bill because you agreed to the stated amount. 

If you cannot afford to pay the total amount immediately, offer to pay the most reasonable amount to get your car back, but continue with the dispute. 

Get help from a trade association 

Check if the garage is a member of any trade association like the Motor Cycle Industry Association, the Retail Motor Industry Federation, or The Motor Ombudsman. Some trade associations offer free services to help resolve the service dispute. They can help you get compensation. But the garage should be a member of a trade association. You should get help only from the association where the garage has a membership. 

Ensure that you use the options available to resolve problems with a service. The dispute is a hassle to handle and disruptive to your schedule. Seek help from professionals to settle the issue faster. 


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