What to Pack in Your Purse for the New Normal

The purses you used to bring outside depended on the kind of event you were attending. You could have the prettiest but smallest purse for a late-night event, and a handy weekend bag for a day trip. Now that we’re in the new normal, you want one purse that has everything you need for the time you’ll be spending outside, and you also wish that purse to be sturdy enough that you can disinfect it at home without ruining the material. 

Purses made of synthetic materials may be your best bet. Now, what should be in it?


You need always to be hydrated, especially if you’re staying outdoors for a while for some exercise or to run errands. In this new standard, people often do all the tasks they need to do on the one day they’ve decided to go outside. This means going to the groceries, paying bills, sometimes even going to the bank, and maybe adding a few minutes of socialization to your agenda. In between destinations, or while waiting in line to get to an establishment, keep yourself hydrated so that you will have the energy to get through the day. 

Hand Sanitizer or Alcohol

Even before the pandemic, it was essential always to keep good personal hygiene. Now, it’s a must. Because of the high infectivity of the novel coronavirus, you want still to keep a bottle of hand sanitizer or rubbing alcohol to sanitize your hands when you go out. Before and after you touch surfaces, sanitize your hands. When you get home, you should also sanitize your bags, take a shower, and disinfect all the items you’ve brought home with you. You’ll never know who or what was in contact with the items you bought, and the last thing you want is to take deadly viruses home to your family. 

Sun Protection

A pandemic is not an excuse to forget about skincare. Now that you’re already stressed with the events surrounding you, it’s even more important to care about your skin. It might show how stressed you are, or be the reason you have breakouts even when you’re not wearing makeup that could clog pores. When you’re going outside, it’s understandable that you want to skip all the hassles of wearing makeup, but one thing you should not forget is to apply Korean sunscreen on your face and neck. When you’re planning to go out, exposed to the harsh rays of the sun, this is a must. Even when you’re at home, you should still be wearing sunscreen. 

Spare Mask

A face mask is one of the most important things to wear outside these days. You’re protecting yourself, and you’re also doing the right thing by helping protect everyone. However, it’s not enough to wear one disposable face mask. Something could happen while you’re outside, and you might lose or damage your mask in the process. When this happens, you want to be ready with a spare. 

Never underestimate the importance of planning. When you’re going outside in the new normal, make sure your purse is ready with your modern essentials.