Why 2021 will be the year of animated video marketing

The year 2020 can serve as a special example of some of the unprecedented marketing and also some kind of operational challenges for nearly all types of companies, but in the year 2021, there’s usually one special marketing tool that can easily help in the recovery of your business.

In this case, animated web services can always help you to a great extent. Below are some of the reasons that the animated explainer videos can prove to be really important in the strategy related to marketing in the year 2021.

Being Seen

An important benefit of animated explainer videos is that in this era of unwavering popularity of social media, a well-made explainer video has the power to make a good number of people take notice.

This power of the explainer videos to capture the attention of the viewers’ enables you to build a strong relationship with them and also to stand out from the competition. The popularity of animation videos for digital marketing is rising among large-scale business enterprises as well as small and medium-sized companies.


If we look at the data carefully, it’s very clear that those explainer videos have a very significant part in the fields related to marketing. Hubspot studies have disclosed that those videos, as an important part of a strong marketing strategy , have already increased from 78% in the year 2015 to the amount of 92% in the year 2020. These data can easily show us how important the strategy of marketing through videos will be in the new days of 2021.

Being understood easily

A well-planned and also well-executed animated explainer video can always integrate the visuals, audios, and some really attractive music to effectively convey the story of your brand. With the assistance of an animated video service, you can have the opportunity to display some complex ideas in such a manner that the target customers or audience can understand and retain those ideas easily.

It allows your audience to hear you

Some appealing music, special sound effects, and attractive voice-overs will make your video or product demo video even more interesting and engaging. Thus, your target audience will not only SEE your brand but also can hear it.

You can also use some memorable metaphors, the motto of the brand, and interesting marketing messages to make the “voice” sound even more appealing. Let a large number of people hear about the origin, values, and mission of your company. Tell them clearly about who you are as a brand and why they will choose you.

The Message

With a specially planned and created animated explainer video, you can also be able to receive the trust of your potential audience. The videos can signal to the audience or show them how committed you are to develop a brand.

Some words to warn you before you start the task of implementing the strategy of an explainer video – just remember that it’s really important that you ask for help from those explainer video companies or video services that are best in the market to get some great results.

There are various professional and special animated video services to assist you in making animated explainer videos that may be able to meet your goals of marketing without any kind of trouble.

That group of professional experts can be with you at all the stages of the project such as the briefing process, developing the script, storyboarding, and also give voice over to the final edits of the video.

All of these above-mentioned points can help you to know why 2021 will be the year of the animated videos and how the animated video services can help you to become successful.