Why are Eco-Friendly Boxes in Demand Today?

Regardless of what product you are selling, opting eco-friendly boxes has become essential for every business. However, you can’t overlook the benefits of eco-friendly materials, as there are tons of them. Despite their advantages, using them has become imperative, and in such a competitive market, you don’t want to lose any single point that can bring your product in the spotlight.

Other materials like wood, glass, and steel give a luxury sensation, but they do have downsides. Here in this article, we will discuss the never-ending benefits of eco-friendly materials and why they are so important today.

Climate Change

Every averaged educated person on this planet is aware of the fact that our planet is heating up by each passing day. And if every human won’t play its role in controlling such a trend, our species won’t have a chance to survive another 1000 years. So, the majority of people choose to contribute to this by choosing to use biodegradable materials.

Other more popular materials like plastic and polymers take nearly a decade to decompose. However, there are materials that don’t decompose at all. If the consumption of plastic bags started roughly 4000 years ago, today, there won’t be enough oxygen left for us to breathe.

More than 50% of consumers prefer products that are packed with custom eco friendly packaging.

Cheaper Than Most Of The Materials

Eco-friendly packaging such as kraft boxes is cheaper and more economical than most of the alternatives out there, such as wood or metal. However, at first, they might seem a bit more expensive than plastic, but they aren’t. As plastic isn’t recyclable, you can only use it once. On the contrary, if you choose recyclable material, it can be used multiple times before becoming completely non-recyclable. So, in terms of the long run, recyclable materials are actually cheaper than any other material out there.

Perfect For Printing

It is relatively easy to print eco-friendly materials as compared to other boxes. Eco-friendly materials such as kraft and cardboard are all in one solution. You literally pack anything using these materials, and the same machine can be used to print their boxes. However, you need an entirely different machine to print on glass, and another to print on wood, while on steel is entirely another niche. Such versatility gives eco-friendly materials a push up in the competitive market of luxury materials.


Being sustainable and strong, wholesale eco friendly packaging are much lighter in weight. This specific feature is very useful for exporters. Transporting heavy materials takes a big chunk of the final cost. And other materials weigh a lot more than kraft of corrugated boxes. Manufacturers around the world are choosing eco-friendly materials to lower their transportation costs. And hence, the total price of the product is cut, and the end consumer buys a relatively cheaper product.


The above-mentioned features of ecofriendly materials are only a few of many features why people are choosing biodegradable material over others. People today are craving to show that they care for the planet, and buying products that are safe for the environment gives them a feeling of being concerned. Most of them take it as an easy way out. However, that isn’t a bad thing. They should contribute in whatever way they like. As a manufacturer of products, it is our duty to give them a chance to contribute to the fight against global warming. Plus, they are also very beneficial for us in many ways. If you are still using material that isn’t good for the climate, consider using eco-friendly material, and you will witness a positive change in your brand image and eventually sales