Why Are Young Professionals Moving to Memphis – 5 Reasons

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Recent stats show that there is surprising number of young professionals moving to Memphis. It’s easy to see why: the combination of affordability, good weather and opportunity makes Memphis a very nice place. Additionally, if you’re interested in blues or BBQ, Memphis has more than enough to suit everyone’s tastes. However, a lot of places in the US have similar combinations, so why is Memphis rising in popularity now? With so many options available to them, why are young professionals choosing Memphis specifically? Today, we hope to help answer why are young professionals moving to Memphis, as we have put together a list of 5 reasons why they would like to call the city their home.

1. Affordable cost of living

The simplest reason for anyone deciding to call Memphis home is money, pure and simple. Cost of living has, in other large and popular cities across the US, skyrocketed. Cities like San Francisco and New York, which are popular with young professionals, are becoming increasingly expensive. Or, to stay in Tennessee, even Nashville has recently experienced a jump in cost of life. Memphis, on the other hand, has stayed very affordable, with cost of living being 21% under the national average. That is 33,4% less than Ashville, or 41,4% less than Atlanta. As such, by living in Memphis, young professionals can make the most out of their money here. They can experience things which they couldn’t in other big cities, simply because they can afford it. Really, the only question you should ask yourself when considering Memphis whether renting vs. buying is better for you in the long run.

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By saving money through a lower cost of living, young professionals have more to spend on themselves.

2. Plentiful job opportunities

A very big part of why Memphis is so popular, not just among young professionals but in general, is work. Memphis is full of job opportunities which allow young professionals a chance at advancing their career. Here, they can get some meaningful work experience which can serve them elsewhere, if they decide to leave the city. As a matter of fact, Memphis is considered one of the top locations for job opportunities across the US. To prove this, we can look at the companies which have headquarters in Memphis: companies like FedEx, Autozone and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital are all headquartered in Memphis. This offers a wide array of opportunities for work experience. Experts from Spyder Moving also note that they’ve helped more and more young professionals move to Memphis for work over the last few years. All in all, Memphis has a lot of opportunities for almost anyone.

3. A great place for entertainment

Whether you’re interested in music or art, Memphis has a thriving scene. There would be no point in talking about Memphis without mentioning its music scene throughout history. Some of the world’s most legendary musicians called the city home; From Elvis Presley and B.B. King, to more modern artists such as Justin Timberlake Valerie June, Three 6 Mafia and Julien Baker, moving to Memphis means moving into a city with incredibly rich musical history, and the scene is still alive and thriving in the city. When it comes to the arts, Memphis is considered a hidden gem by many. It offers year-round access to some of the most diverse and unique art institutions around the country. However, finding a home in Memphis could get a bit difficult with its recent rise in popularity. As such, consider the reasons why you need an excellent real estate agent to help you out.

close up of microphone

Memphis’ music and arts scene is legendary, and still thriving.

4. Commuting is much easier in Memphis

Rush hour traffic in bigger cities tends to be soul crushing, as anyone who had to deal with it will tell you. Compared to cities like NYC, Chicago, Dallas and Atlanta, commuting in Memphis is fairly quick and easy. Compared to Dallas, Chicago and Atlanta, Memphians save 40 hours every year simply because the commutes are shorter. It gets even more extreme when compared to NYC, with Memphians comparatively saving 80 hours in commutes annually. Having an easy commute to work is incredibly important for young professionals, and Memphis some of the shortest and easiest commutes in the US. This extra time saved gives young professionals more time to focus on themselves. However, when it comes to moving to Memphis, while the traffic isn’t bad you still have to think about transporting your belongings. Fortunately, you can get extra pair of hands to help you by hiring professional movers.

5. A great place for foodies

Memphis is home to a thriving food scene which attracts a lot more than just young professionals. Memphis has both renowned chefs working in restaurants and food trucks with almost cult-like followings. Whether you want to try some of the classics popular in Memphis, or if you want to find something new, you won’t be disappointed with the food in Memphis. Part of the experience of moving to Memphis is finding your new favorite food spot, but don’t be surprised if that spot changes quite often. While there are already established restaurants, new spots show up all over the city constantly. When it comes to settling after moving into your new home, having a spot near you for comfort food can help a lot. Fortunately for anyone moving here, a good food spot can be found pretty much anywhere in the city, and it can be overwhelming to choose one.

waiter carrying plates

Memphis has a long history of amazing food.

Why are young professionals moving to Memphis – 5 reasons – wrap up

All in all, Memphis has a lot to offer to young professionals. From job opportunities aplenty, to places to relax and have some good food, the city has it all. And for anyone interested in music and the arts, Memphis has more than enough to offer both in terms of current music and musical history. All of this put together means that young professionals have been flocking to Memphis more and more. And it doesn’t seem like the city’s popularity is going to stop any time soon. We hope this list of 5 reasons helped answer your question of why are young professionals moving to Memphis, and we wish you a wonderful rest of your day.