An Ultimate Guide For Marketers To Use TikTok

TikTok is one of the hottest social media platforms that grabs the attention of 5 million active users who scroll it. So, if you are a marketer, you can utilize it to get likes, and you can leverage tiktok likes counter to know your live likes count for your post. You can make stunning changes to your strategies for your marketing using TikTok as a supporting platform for your business. You should note down the points in this article, which will guide marketers to use TikTok.

Create Business Account

The first step is to change your account into a business account. To do, follow the steps below:

  • Go to your Profile on TikTok
  • At the top of the right corner, you will find three lines to open the Setting and Privacy tab
  • Then tap Manage account
  • Click on Switch to Business account under account control.

Thus you can change your account into a business account.

Influencer Marketing

Influencers have specific followers for their accounts and help you promote your brand to other users. Therefore, this kind of marketing is known as influencer marketing. Nowadays, every age category has a craze on social media platforms and influencers. So, selecting the correct influencer plays a pivotal role in achieving the target success for your brand. For example: if your products are sports-related, then display the product in visual effects using playgrounds with a sports-related influencer.

Go On Live Sessions

Live sessions will make users get along with your content and directly promote your brand to the audience. Also, it reaches more users through sharing if you provide it with all the points you want to say to customers. Thus live sessions make your brand withstand the stuff given by other competitors. So, utilize it with a good repo to gain users’ attention to your brand.

Contest Strategies

Why not contests? Contests can gain more audience attention because they are shortcuts for reaching your business goals. You can announce the contest in your business accounts and make the users participate in it. Meanwhile, make another announcement of the rewards provided to the participants and winners. All the active account holders will automatically receive this message on TikTok. Also, this will provide mutual benefits to the users and the marketers. Then the results will make your campaigning strategy a huge success and promote your brand vastly. 

Make Your Content Reach Through Fun

Nowadays, even small kids-grandparents like fun content while scrolling through TikTok. Use fun-oriented posts and check the current views for your post using tiktok views counter and know if your post has gone viral. It also tells about the technique which should be included in marketing that is fun. Create different strategies that help you gain more views for the product through fun-oriented videos. If one way fails to achieve the target audience, change the content and go on until you succeedMarketers can use this opportunity for their product reach through fun videos and the credentials you want to mention. You need not doubt yourself about utilizing this technique to get success.

Make Use Of Ads

Ads tell about the exact definition of your product. So, create and post ads on five different types. They are as follows:

  • In-Feed Ads:

These ads appear on the “For You Page” while scrolling through and remain till 60 seconds of the time limit. So you can make use of this ad for campaigning. Also, increase the traffic to your website by including a call to action button with a link. Thus it will surely work on a good promotion for your brand.

  • Spark Ads:

It allows you to use the existing content, and the viewers can only view the posters alone instead of landing on the same website.

  • Top Viewed Ads:

These are ads that appear when you open the TikTok app. Therefore, it has a chance of visibility to the audience more than the other ads. Thus using it makes your product reach the customers sooner and helps in marketing. Top-viewed ads are like commercial ads.

  • Brand Takeover Ads:

Brand takeover ads take full-screen displays using GIFs with a 3-5 minute time limit. In addition, these ads can be used to link your brand page with users. Thus these ads support a short and sweet time for every marketer.

  • Branded Hashtag Challenge Ads:

These are viewed at the top of the page and gain more engagement with the audience. It also enhances the growth of the product using TikTok.

Thus you can make use of these ads for your marketing. Also, you can check the live updates of followers & views count utilizing tiktokcounter to your profile to gain users’ attention. 

Last Notes

TikTok is an excellent resourceful platform that helps marketers reach a great height of achievements. Also, marketers should involve them in the TikTok culture to promote their brands and reach the target audience. I hope this article will be a guide for growing marketers a lot.    





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