Why Businesses Love Using Pop-Up A-Frame Signs

Faced with intense competition and discerning customers, it is no longer enough for businesses to offer high-quality goods and services and sit back. You need to use every method available to raise your brand awareness and attract traffic. A-frame signs are undoubtedly among the most popular devices for small businesses to attract the attention of foot traffic. Easy to design and set up, these signs have the advantage of being versatile and affordable, making them ideal for quick and easy deployment by small businesses. Some of the top benefits of these popular sidewalk signs:

High Visibility 

Often people intent on reaching their destinations tend to ignore the stores they are walking past. A sidewalk sign is an effective way of grabbing their attention to encourage impulsive walk-ins. However, you need to place the signs carefully on the sidewalk. It should be noticeable by the pedestrians but also not obstruct them. Use a compelling message to grab the attention of potential customers and encourage them to step in.


One of the chief reasons for the popularity of A frame signs is that they are affordable and being durable, are very cost-effective. With a choice of different materials, types, and sizes, buying a good-quality pop-up sign is a great decision. If you want to change the information on the sign regularly, you can choose a whiteboard or a chalkboard sidewalk sign.


Another significant benefit of these pop-up sidewalk signs is that they are light and portable. You can set them up on the sidewalk very quickly and also move them around whenever you want. Typically, they come with a handle that makes it easy to lift them and put them down elsewhere easily. Even though they are lightweight, they are robust and can withstand exposure to the elements well. According to Patch, studies have shown that businesses using signs outside their premises benefit from an increase in sales and profits.


Depending on your requirement, you can choose from several types of A-frame portable signs. You can consider sidewalk signs that are single-sided or double-sided or ones that have reversible panels. You can have them in a wide variety of materials, ranging from wood to stainless steel and everything in between. If it rains a lot, you should choose a waterproof and rust-proof model. If you experience gusty winds, you can pick a model with a heavy base or a base that allows you to add ballast in the form of water or sand to keep them from overturning. If you would rather not handwrite your messages, you can fix self-adhesive stickers that you can remove any time easily or choose a model with changeable letters. The good thing is that when you close shop for the day, you can fold them flat and keep them away.


A-frame portable signs are very useful for stores to draw the attention of passersby and encourage them to step inside and discover your products and services. Being affordable, portable, and versatile, they are ideal for giving the extra mileage every business needs to succeed against the competition.