Why should we buy Elevator shoes

Increased confidence and self-esteem are innate desires of every human, and looking good is one way to achieve such a feat. However, not being as tall as you would have wished dampens many people’s confidence.

Nevertheless, you can make a statement in your world with a stylish and elegant pair of www.guidomaggi.com elevator shoes. Do you want to dress up for that special romantic dinner or to impress at a business meeting? We have the right shoes that make you look taller to make your dreams come true.

We all know Italian shoes are renowned for having the best crafts and quality. Therefore, we are no different. Our shoes are art pieces and reflect generational excellence. It is no longer news social settings and the business world in general favour taller men and women. Thanks to our elevator shoes, you can make a statement in your world and stand out from the rest. 

Who Are GuidoMaggi?

We are a team of Italian craftsmen inspired by the need to boost our customers’ physical presence through elegant and classy shoes.

Our luxury shoes reflect almost a century of the finest Italian craftsmanship. Guido Maggi was a young shoemaker who served in the First World War. Almost 30 years old, by the end of the war, his traditional shoe business in Italy was renowned for being a favourite brand for the wealthier class, nobles, and elites in the society.

He rapidly became a first-choice in his area, and his riding boots were highly sought after by everyone in the country. 

Since then, the GuidoMaggi name has been preserved and gone on to achieve the goals the renowned shoemaker wanted.

Like every true leader, his skills did not die with him. Instead, he passed them on to his descendant, Emanuele Briganti, who also had the desire to look taller than his 5’ 9” frame. 

We sell handmade height increasing shoes made in Italy for men and women. GuidoMaggi has showrooms across the world in Milan, Zurich, Tokyo, and Lecce. Customers can also get access to our products online. Our shoes’ collection includes loafers, dress shoes, sneakers, ankle boots, ultra-luxury boots, and much more. Our elevator shoes style you for any occasion. Please Check out our catalogue.

What is your Mission Statement?

To provide the best elevator shoes globally to our discerning clientele who demand premium-quality, superior style, durable, and comfortable handmade luxury.

What is your Vision?

To mastermind a timeless luxury trend that makes our customers look taller, more confident, and fashionable. We have a relentless determination to be the best elevator shoe brand globally and transform the footwear industry.

What are your Core Values?

  • Passion
  • Commitment
  • Integrity
  • Innovation

What Makes GuidoMaggi Stand Out Among Competitors?

  • Attention to details: Unlike those mass-produced Asian shoes, we consider every single detail of our clients individually. You no longer need to wear shoes that hurt your feet and posture because our shoes are very unique and almost feel like custom-made just for you.
  • Premium-quality: Suitable for everyday use, we use full-grain leather materials, linings, and the best stitches for our shoes.
  • Unique style: We incorporate old world standards for excellence in the modern world, dishing out unprecedented trends to our clients. Our classic standard shoes on the outside give you between 2 to 6 inches on the inside.
  • Accessibility: You can get access to our shoes with ease wherever you are.


Our luxury, handmade elevator shoes are designed to bring out the best in your overall physique and appearance. www.guidomaggi.it shows you how to dress smartly. Comfort and style is our priority. 

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