Why The Front License Plates Are So Important?

The Front License plate of any car helps to ensure its safety when moving across the country. But different countries have different rules regarding the front number plate of the vehicle. Every State in the US obliges the cars to have a minimum of one number plate at the rear. But some states require a second one at the front bumper. Many people get annoyed at this, but the State considers it essential because of security purposes.

While in the UK, each car must have two number plates by law. The front plate must be white with black characters, while the back plate should be yellow. However, why front number platesare so important, let’s figure it out in this article.

Why Should Cars Have A Front Number Plate? 

There are many arguments both for and against the front number plates. The people and experts are in two groups; the one supports it while others oppose it. Let’s have a look at the arguments of both groups:

For Arguments:

  • In case of any crime, the front license plate can help solve it. If there are cameras around, the culprit might park the car or drive it so that no camera gets footage of the front plate.
  • It makes an automatic identification of your car when it leaves a paid parking lot.
  • The victim gets a chance of looking at the front number plate, increasing the probability of catching him.

Against Arguments: 

  • Saving money for the State, one plate is cheaper than two. It was decided in the 50s to use stickers instead of the license plate’s annual renewal. 
  • No need to drill the bumper and spoil the car body. 
  • Cars used to commit crimes are usually stolen anyway. So it doesn’t matter to them the presence or absence of numbers. A rear sign mainly records violations on the roads. 
  • It is possible to implement RFID tags on the front of every vehicle used in many other countries for faster identification on toll roads. 
  • According to preliminary calculations, switching to rear plates only would cut production costs per vehicle by £2.43 to £1.98.
  • Many people say that the front number plate does not look good and ruins the whole car’s design. 


You just bought a Porsche that cost you tens of thousands of dollars. The last thing you want is to drill extra holes in your beautiful bumper. It would ruin the outlook of your beautiful car.

Some manufacturers equip the vehicle with special fasteners; others do not. Therefore, if the car does not have holes for the front license plate, the driver puts the plate under the windshield, under the passenger’s mat, or even leaves it at home.

 Everything You Need To Know About Front Number Plate

Front number plates are essential for driving your car in the UK; therefore, you should know everything about MyREG Cherished Plates

1- Rules For Front Number Plate

According to DVLA, the front plate must meet the British standards by following the rules:

  • The front number plate of a vehicle cannot have a background
  • The letter spacing, style, and size should be consistent
  • Two cars cannot have the same front number plate
  • The space between the numbers and letters should be 33mm
  • The law does not compromise with the colors of the number plate
  • Characters and letters should only be written in black color, making them prominent.
  • It is illegal to add multiple spaces within the number plate
  • Users can put the stickers if they match the standard of DVLA.
  • The place should be fixed in a visible area.
  • Even the personalized number plates for sale should meet the standards of DVLA.

2- Decorative Front Plates 

Many people attach decorative plates at the front of the vehicle. DVLA allows it within a specific limit. They may have a picture of their national flag or some motto. These plates usually symbolize the specialty of the car’s owner. But remember that even the personalized number plates need to meet the standards:

  • Characters should be 14mm thick.
  • The top and bottom margin should not be less than 11mm.
  • Between each character, there should be a space of 11mm.

3-    Collecting Paired Numbers 

There are two different opinions about paired plates. Some collectors believe that pairs cannot be divided and that two signs should be bought and sold at once. Others prefer to have one tablet in their collection, regardless of the presence of a second copy. You can have private number plates for both front and back number plates.

4- Front Number Plate As An Investment

A personalized front number plate containing unique numbers can be a great investment. You might have to spend a lot of money when purchasing it, but it can indeed become valuable as time will pass.

For example, Afzal Khan bought the ‘F1″ license plate back in 2008 for £440,000, but now its price reached a shocking level. Yes, the number plates can be a good investment that can become double, triple, or even 28 times valuable than the purchase price.

5- Liable To Pay Fine

You cannot move around in your car in the UK if it does not have a front number plate. It is a clear violation of the law, and the responsible person has to pay a fine of up to a thousand pounds. To save yourself from this financial loss, make sure you adhere to the authorities’ laws.


We conclude this article by saying that having front license plates is essential for security purposes, but the cars should also be designed accordingly. So the people won’t have any problem screwing the number plate at the front. Without a place for the second number plate on the car can seriously damage a car’s outlook. But there should be no compromise when it comes to following the laws of your country.