Youth Baseball Life Skills and Iron Man Award

ATP Challenger Tour

In the past, the choice of baseball for these high school players was limited to several AAU teams and American Legion teams. Most teams are known as touring baseball teams. These groups display their names. They travel around the country playing in tournaments or exhibition halls. Some sportswear manufacturers sponsor most of these tour groups.

With the expansion of touring teams, college baseball coaches will have A-level players, scouts and more. Found a new way to submit. Instead of touring the country and chasing summer teams, they are now coming to play in this stadium. Most university coaches host several tournaments in the summer. They make very little money from the tournament and can see a lot of players without traveling.

Getting to know college coaches is invaluable to athletes. They can also play on college baseball fields and visit college campuses.

Other sports are summer.

Another reason for the declining interest of players in playing baseball is other sports. Every high school game has a long summer training program or other activity that forces children to play a game. High school soccer and baseball jargons players don’t have to lift weights and exercise every morning, and then continue playing baseball doubles until 11 p.m. Unfortunately, many high school players have to choose a sport.

The age limit for soldiers has been increased.

A few years ago, the US military raised the age limit for troops from 18 to 19 years. This increase has helped teams keep their numbers high. Most college students like to come home and play baseball. Recently, the US military promoted its small Legion baseball program. He thinks it would be better if the players were included in the Legion program. It is too early to say whether this nutrition program will succeed.

What to do

So what should a well-known baseball player do? Should he play American League baseball with his high school friends, or should he find a touring team to show off his skills to most college coaches?

I can talk about this from both sides of the fence. I have a four-year-old son who plays Legion baseball and another son who plays Turing baseball. American Legion Baseball is an old and proud program. All team players are from the same city or town. You are wearing a US military patch on your shoulder. Soldiers usually stay with the program for many years. You play a lot and play close to home. The price of the theme is usually reasonable. But in my experience, most college coaches or recruiters don’t come to Legion Sports.

Tour teams usually consist of different high school players. They do a lot of training, which can be overwhelming. Most tour teams hire coaches. They can travel three-quarters of four weekends. Most tournaments start on Wednesday or Thursday afternoons. There is a great need to add cars. Their sport may include college coaches and professional scouts. Tour groups can be very expensive.

I hope both teams are needed and will survive. Traveling for baseball is not for everyone, not everyone can do it. However, if you or your son have enough, there may be something that works normally. As the touring coaches of the team want to win, they will join the team for good players. If you are a good player, your efforts to find a touring team are worthwhile. Professional baseball shows with college and tour teams are great.

But the American Legion program would be a good choice for many high school athletes. Many professional and first division players came out of the Legion program. Very few people come from a legion baseball game.

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