3 Types of Squeegees You Must Add to Your Vinyl Application Supplies

You will find different kinds of squeegees flooding the market, these days. Every tool comes with one-off features and benefits. Then, when it comes to adding the right tools to your vinyl application supplies, you can consider a nylon and gold-colored squeegee for standard vinyl applications. You may also include a more flexible and softer plastic squeegee for corrugations or a Teflon squeegee for use in vehicle wraps.

According to an article published in Forbes, businesses today share their core values throughout the organization as well. They design and distribute branded stuff such as mugs, tees, and of course vinyl decals to include their core values. When it comes to decals, these businesses use squeegees for various applications.

Here are three types of squeegees to add to the vinyl application kit.

  1. Nylon squeegees

Though most squeegees look the same, the hardness of the materials does vary. If you use soft squeegees, they often break or wear out soon, as well as create small bubbles in the vinyl application. That is why you need to choose nylon squeegees, which are tough, durable, however, cost a bit more around $2 to $3.5. If you want quality products, you should not think of the price.

These products last more than the soft, flimsy varieties, and if you can sharpen these tools before you start using them, these squeegees will last for several months.

When you buy a stiff nylon product, it will let you apply the correct level of pressure, force air from below the film, and help the adhesive to flow out easily. A nylon squeegee is best for vinyl films because vinyl is pressure-sensitive and so, you need to use the apt level of pressure for the material to stick perfectly.

  1. Plastic squeegees

Though you can use nylon squeegees, a plastic one will not disappoint you. Depending on applications, a soft, plastic product is better, especially when you apply vinyl graphics to contoured or corrugated surfaces.

Plastic squeegees are extremely flexible and they work better to corrugation curves. These products are not only flexible but also affordable. However, these items will lose shape and wear out sooner than nylon-toughened squeegees. You need to choose depending on the application use.

  1. Teflon squeegees

When it comes to vehicle wraps, during the installation process, you will need to apply the vinyl without using any application tape. You need to use Teflon squeegees to avoid scratches on the graphics. You may also use felt squeegees for vehicle wraps. Then, you cannot use nylon squeegees because they will scrape the vinyl graphics.

The smooth surface of fluoroplastic Teflon squeegees is hard enough to force out obstinate wrinkles, edge puckers, which regularly develop while you try to work the vinyl film on compound curves.

Teflon squeegees are the best choice for vehicle wraps because the methods of applications are unique compared to the standard applications.


Though this is not a comprehensive list, we have tried to list the best squeegees for you to use for varied applications. Use quality products that suit your requirements.