4 Perks of Flying Private

Convenience and saving time are two commodities that are priceless considering the busy world we live in. Therefore, those who have a private jet are lucky enough to experience both in abundance. The ease of just calling ahead whenever you’re late or flying on your own time, with no need to follow a schedule or a million checkups, is certainly one of the biggest perks they offer.

However, as the budget of commercial carriers increases, if your chosen destination is not a hub, you have very limited choices. In such scenarios, you can either call for  aircraft charter services or get your own private jet for flying.

Reduction in travel time paired with the fact that you don’t have to navigate through the airport, waiting in long lines, just to get to the checkpoint is another added advantage. Instead, when flying privately, you enjoy the benefits of valet parking and step aboard the plane whenever you’re ready.

On this note, let’s take a look at what exactly do we gain by flying private?

A Personalized Aircraft

The private jet charter offers a plethora of personalized amenities like entertainment, free catering, latest publications, designer perfumes and fragrances.

On the account of a special occasion, one can request the operator beforehand to have decorations on the plane according to the theme. Some through a surprise for their loved ones by decorating the plane with balloons and whatnot to start the journey. Concierge companies are responsible for managing the details of any kind of celebration you may have on your plane while coordinating with the private charter flights.

But that’s not all. Even for catering, you can get made-to-order or exotic foods brought to you from all over the world. All while enjoying the privacy with people you are comfortable with. It is truly fascinating how much a private jet allows you to have  control of your surroundings, throughout your flight.

Greater Flexibility and Accessibility

Apart from the luxury of convenience, private jets can land in smaller, less-congested airports that are closer to your destination. Approximately, there are about 5000 smaller airports available (about 10 times as that of commercial airports). So, it will save a considerable amount of time and long queues.

Moreover, you can enjoy certain flexibility with private charter services as you can make last-minute or sometimes even mid-flight changes if necessary. The beauty of having one-way flights allows for quick options in case of short-notice meetings or unplanned flights gives you more control of the journey.


Feeling comfortable and at ease is on top of one’s priority list while travelling. This makes it difficult to decide whether to travel in business, first class or on a charter plane. Well, private jets surely tops the list and here is how they remain a better choice. The private jet services are customizable, molding themselves to meet an individual’s preferences and needs. An excellent example of this is choosing the type, size and amenities of your jet.

The services are able to tailor your experiences based on what the passengers need. When you arrive in one of the private fixed-base operators, there’re private lounges offering complimentary refreshments and toiletries to freshen-up. Furthermore, a private jet’s seating is like that of a luxurious living room, giving the impression of a comfortable home.

Time Saver

Regardless of the category you are flying in, be it a business or first class, traveling through a commercial flight takes a lot of time. From getting in long security lines for check-ins to waiting for security clearance, boarding plane and luggage collection, all require a lot of time.

However, when you calculate all this little-by-little time spent on  a commercial flight,you’ll realize that you can fall way behind the schedule. This can ultimately create a massive backlog especially when you’re traveling on a tight schedule.

But, when you travel by private jet you can save all this time. Because you no longer have to stand in long lines for check-ins, boarding or security. Private jets have their own security lines and they take off when their clients are ready. So, by flying private you get to control your own schedule.

In short, flying private comes with a lot of perks and privileges. However, if you want to truly experience the extravagance then we recommend that you choose Empire Aviation – a leading name in private aviation. Choosing them will allow you to appreciate the epitome of luxurious travelling and stay ahead of your routine.

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