5 Huge Benefits of Translating a Website to Mandarin

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Are you considering translating a website from English to Mandarin so you can serve more of the world? That’s a great idea! In fact, even though English has the most speakers in the world (at 1.13 billion), Mandarin Chinese trails closely in second place (at 1.11 billion)! If you could have your website in these two languages, can you imagine how much additional traffic you would get?

But that’s only one of many reasons you should translate your website to Mandarin content and target the Mandarin-speaking market. Read on to find out more.

  1. Most Mandarin Speakers Find English Hard to Speak

Even though there are hundreds of English schools in China, Chinese speakers still find English one of the hardest languages to learn. It’s a challenge for them, even though they try so hard at it. On the flip side, the same applies to English speakers who find Mandarin really hard to learn. If you wish to cater to the Mandarin Chinese market, having a Mandarin website is mandatory!

  1. Increase Your Revenue by Tapping into a Bigger Market

You should be getting excited about tapping into a 1.11 billion market of Mandarin-speaking market. That’s a lot of revenue to leave behind on the table if you don’t translate your website into Mandarin. Don’t make that mistake and get a translation for your site today.

  1. Become Better Known Than Your Competitors

If you wish to one-up your business over your competitors and are finding it difficult to do so, getting your Mandarin content ready to go is a great way to show up your competitors. While they are still floundering about with their English website, you can be getting your Mandarin website ready to go!

  1. Boost Your Mandarin Customers Confidence in Your Products

If you know that you have lots of customers in the Mandarin-speaking market, one way for you to boost their confidence in your company and your products is to get a Mandarin website and customer service staff that speaks Mandarin.

  1. Improve Your SEO Ranking in the Chinese Market

As you probably already know, despite being a search engine giant in the rest of the world, Google is not used by Chinese customers (Google left China in 2010). In fact, Baidu is the search engine to rank on if you wish to get at Chinese customers. And that would require Mandarin content on your website. This is also due to China’s strict regulations on websites.

Translating a Website Isn’t As Difficult As You Might Imagine

If you’ve been dreading the whole process of translating a website over to Mandarin, do not fear. It’s actually much easier than you might imagine and there are so many benefits to be reaped by doing so. Don’t delay any further. Get your Mandarin content ready and start targeting the Chinese market today.

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