5 Simple Steps to Healthier Skin

Healthy skin is an important part of life, with pride in their appearance to worry about your skin, as the most visible and largest organ of the body. 

Through my research on skin care and maintaining healthy skin, I will share with you the five senses, which I think are most important to preserve and improve the health and appearance of your skin. 

Know your skin 

You must make sure you’re with the right products for your skin type. 

There are a huge variety of products, and most are made for certain types of skin. If you no longer suffer a reaction from a product. If you’re still confused, a professional and have the opportunity to see in the right direction. Do not come to believe that this is your type of skin for the rest of his life. Your skin type, you can through life for many reasons ranging from stress to disease. If you are not sure what to use, use a natural product for sensitive skin. 

It’s not just your skin type, it is necessary to take into account. It is also important to pay attention to your skin. When it comes to pimples, blemishes, keep a mental note and try to figure out exactly what your skin is to react. If your skin is sensitive, it is very important for the activation of how your skin reacts and avoids the figure. 

It could also be the chocolate you ate the night before, the grain can be stressful at work, your skin becomes irritated. Whatever, if you can find out exactly what it is, that the measures may reduce the incidence. 

Watch what you eat

Even though salty fatty and greasy foods are a direct threat to your skin, a balanced diet can do wonders for them. Yes, food is part of your skin care routine. Your skin and skin health is a balance between moisture, oils, vitamins and minerals so if you replicate this in your diet you can stay one step ahead. Drink plenty of filtered water during the winter. In winter there is a higher level of toxins and free radicals in the air. 

Since it is not so hot, most people do not drink a quarter the amount of water in the summer. Most people do not take half the daily required amount needed. The filtered water is best, where he lives and the quality of the water charge. If there is a high content of chlorine in water it can cause these skin problems for sensitive skin. 

Drinking water is an important aspect of the beautiful skin, helps maintain skin moisture and also helps detoxify the body of toxins and waste. Drinking 2-3 liters of water per day is the best way to dry, dull skin and revive the timeout firmer, smoother, younger skin. 

I suggest a balanced diet with a healthy food pyramid. Keep saturated fats, salts, sugars, and alcohol to a minimum. They are helping the very low nutritional value and balance the skin. Get the vitamins. Vitamin A is to repair the skin to stimulate excellence.

Good sources of vitamin A are eggs, liver, milk, apricots, nectarines. Vitamin C helps produce collagen to strengthen the skin. Vitamin C in most eating fresh fruit, as well as black currants, blueberries, broccoli, guava, helps kiwis, oranges, apples, papayas, E strawberriesVitamin nourish the body’s tissues and is important for the production of red blood cells. 

Vitamin E is often used in grain products, leafy vegetables and nuts. Essential fatty acids are responsible for healthy cell membranes, where nutrients from toxins, however, can hold. Essential fatty acids also decrease the production facilities of anti-inflammatory agents. Good sources of essential fatty acids are fish, nuts, sunflower seeds, canola oil, avocados and leafy vegetables. 

Have a healthy body

Learn mental relaxation, as I have indicated on your skin type, stress can have effects on the body and skin. Stress has no effect on glandular activity. It may be one in the production of serum cortisol, which blocks skin pores and reduces the ability to breathe and repair of their own. Stress causes the adrenal glands to release adrenaline into the system. When this hormone is released, it redirects the flow of blood from the skin back and helps the muscles needed. 

This is completely natural that our bodies are unconsciously prepared to fight or flee. Through this flow, the skin of essential nutrients are withdrawn, as required. Stress can also cause nervousness and our skin is unhealthy and can lead to zero we feel and play with our imperfections, skin hanging red, irritated skin. 

It is thus important that we teach ourselves to relax and be aware of our stress. Stressful situations as many of us these days are used, and do not know when we’re stressed. By learning to relax our body, we learn the alternative response to stress, if it exists. It allows us to think and act more calmly, to be reduced accordingly, and our fears. 

Exercise regularly

Any amount of exercise can help protect your skin in many ways and an excellent measure to reduce stress. Even a pleasant walk improves circulation, which in turn helps the skin, respiratory and deliver oxygen and nutrients to the skin. Your skin is attached to the muscles. During exercise, the muscles are attached to make your skin appear firmer, too. = stiff muscles firmer skin. 

Exercise helps the skin to breath and purify. It also helps your body’s natural collagen to help the skin look more flexible. Be sure to drink plenty of fresh water during and after exercise will help this, your body, the skin free of toxins such as unwanted lactic acid and keep the body hydrated. A sauna is also an excellent way to cleanse your skin of unwanted toxins.

Avoid the sun

I’m not trying to scare them away and outdoors can stand up to me, when you can enjoy the sun, enjoy what you can. In fact, it is important for skin, and gets some direct sunlight, as it has in the absorption of calcium. Our skin has the ability to convert sunlight to make vitamin D, which is an important vitamin for strong bones and for preventing some diseases. 

Despite being aware that it is estimated that 80% of the damage that occurs in the skin, is caused by UV rays and 50% of the damage occurs before the age of 20 years. It is always more difficult to reverse the aging process than just take some simple precautions before it is too late. Thus, sun, watch the sun and avoid self tanning routines, not worth the money as an Australian surfer looking for a week or so before she peels them all. While this will prevent damage to the skin that is irreversible, they are. 

Exposure to sunlight in recent years makes the skin thinner and creates an appearance of the skin, which we connect with aging. Skin damage by UV rays can cause premature aging, wrinkles, saggy lead on raw skin discoloration and skin cancer, the impact on the U.S. almost 50% of people and is the most common of all cancers. 

If you can not break his need for the tan general, there are some excellent artificial options that protect against harmful rays and skin with moisture and are much healthier. 

Even in winter, sunscreen should be used every day to protect your skin from harmful UV rays in order to lead well and try to skin on their daily program of skin care. A sun protection program has no significant effect on a healthy production of vitamin D.

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