5 steps to custom plantation shutters for your room 

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 Find a shutter system suited to your home and your renovation ideas. Shutters are available in several ranges, materials, and thermal performance. Take advantage of the latest innovations in manual or electric shutter systems to beautify and protect your home.

 Discover our tutorial produced in partnership with professionals in the sector for your future work, to give you a more concrete idea of ​​the costs and the materials available. The advantages of shutters are not limited to the designs and their automation. The safety aspect is also to be taken into account when choosing your shutters. These act as ramparts against external aggressions (climate and

 It will allow you to measure your windows and determine the dimensions of your shutters

 Steps 1: Determine the dimensions of your shutters

 To determine the size of the shutters, start by measuring the length and width of your window (including the frame)


 Using your tape measure, take the dimensions of the windows; they will serve as a basis for the installation of a new shutter


 Using your meter, take the dimensions of the depth of the window, they will allow you to know what type of installation is most suitable for your windows

 Step 2: Determine the types of shutters you want to install

 There are several types of shutters on the market with their characteristics

 The different types of shutters

 Swing shutters are shutters with an outward closing mechanism.

 Roller shutters deploy along with the window and fold around a rotary axis when they go up

 Step 3: Think about the materials depending on the insulation they will provide you

 Now you can establish the list of materials with which you want to have your shutters made. You should know that shutters have an impact on the insulation of your home so think about the materials according to the insulation they will provide you

 The materials of the shutters

 The shutters are made of composite materials, wood, or PVC with a thermal box, thus offering the best possible insulation.

 To increase the insulation potential, you can use a PVC or aluminum roller shutter system with foam

 Wood still offers you the best thermal insulation but is still more expensive.

 Steps 4: Determine the type of installation according to your home

 Depending on your windows and how they fit, it is possible to carry out different types of installation for the shutters

 Laying renovation in a painting will come along the windows as close as possible to the glass

 New installation in the existing trunk: Will fit into the window trunk

 A component must be practiced daily so we recommend that you be careful about the choice you are going to make

 Shutter maintenance varies depending on the type of shutter installed

 A manual roller shutter or a motorized roller shutter costs more to maintain than a conventional shutter.

 Intervention on a roller shutter apron requires know-how which is reflected in the cost of the service.

 Steps 5: Find out about the protections they will provide you

 A shutter should protect you against bad weather but also against break-ins into your home

 The different securities of a shutter

 Roller shutters offer the best protection in both cases. Professionals advise you to install aluminum roller shutters, which are more resistant to shocks than PVC ones.

 An aluminum roller shutter offers little wind resistance. This type of electric shutter adapts perfectly to bay windows and verandas.

 For optimal protection (break-in and weather) for your windows and patio doors, fitting custom aluminum shutters are the best solution.

 A shutter is an element of your home for which you will have regular use, so do not neglect its practicality.

 The practicality of the different types of shutters

 The automatic openings of sliding or rolling shutters are the most practical on the market.

 The shutters with a crank do not present the same practical aspect.

 Finally, rolling shutters with a manual roller are not very practical either but are still a better solution than with a crank

 In some cases, you may receive assistance for carrying out your work. The nature of this work must be able to lead to energy savings for your home. These aids can therefore be applied for the change of shutters which reduce the loss of energy through your windows. For more information, you can visit theshuttersguide.com



All shutters have the same primary function in a home. Control the natural light of your entire home. The brightness that a shutter lets in depends on its size, its position (open or closed), and its characteristics (shutter, roller, etc.). In addition, the shutters also play a role in your energy expenditure and your protection against weather hazards.

 The shutters have a cost that differs according to the nature of their materials, their deployment system (rolling or conventional), their thermal insulation, and their resistance against break-ins.

 Some types of shutters offer more color diversity than others. The design and the colors can be decisive elements in the choice of your shuttersmanufacturer. To find out the price of a custom-made roller shutter or the prices for motorizing a roller shutter, make a quote with a professional.

 Wood and aluminum shutters prove to be the most cost-effective on the above features. The best possible investment for your home is wood.

 However, the budget for this type of shutters remains substantial to obtain good performance. For the most limited budgets, the aluminum shutter, therefore, remains the best compromise.