6 Best Forex Courses Reviewed

Are you thinking of venturing into Forex Trading, making money, and becoming financially free? Forex trading is one of the fastest ways to make money. However, you should first acquire the required skills. Without proper training and understanding, it is not possible to achieve your goals on financial freedom through forex trading. Even if you manage to do so without training, you would have lost a lot of money along the way because the learning curve could be steep and expensive for a self-learner. Therefore, it is best to find the best forex course and enrol yourself so that you could shorten the learning curve.

When you go online searching for the best courses to learn the dynamics of forex trading, you will come across countless options. The options before you could be highly confusing, especially when you are totally new to forex trading. You may not even know what to look for while searching for the best courses and, as a result, there are chances that you end up with the wrong program. Do not worry, we have made things a bit easy for you by doing the homework on your behalf and listed here six best forex courses so that you do not have to waste your time mulling over numerous programs.

Best Forex Courses reviewed:

#1 Asia Forex Mentor

The first in the list of best forex course is Asia Forex Mentor. Among all the other courses in the industry, Asia Forex Mentor definitely stands out. The forex trading mentor behind this course is Ezekiel Chew. He has trained thousands of retail traders in Asia and helped them make millions. The trading system taught by Ezekiel Chew is ROI focused.

By far, Asia Forex Mentor offers the most comprehensive and practical forex trading lessons that help the students gain a strong foothold in the forex trading industry through his proprietary One-core Program. The training course does not stop with teach come general strategies that you could find easily anywhere online, but Asia Forex Mentor forex trading course is based on the personal experiences and insights acquired by Ezekiel Chew.

Asia Forex Mentor has been helping investors master the art of Forex Trading since 2008. All the trading lessons offered by this program are backed by the twenty-year experience of the mentor. Ezekiel Chew has been and is the Best Forex coach and mentor in Asia and learning the forex trading skills from this seasoned guru will definitely give you an edge over the forex market. 

You can learn more about his trading methods through his free 5 part training series.

#2 ForexSignals

The next in our list of best forex trading courses is ForexSignals.com. This trading course exposes the investors to all the top trading tools required to trade successfully. If you are a beginner or an intermediate forex trader, then this is likely to be your ‘go-to’ course. This is another comprehensive program that you will find in the industry. This is a subscription-based program, and it comes with a seven-day trial with a refund. ForexSignals.com has been training investors since 2012 and it is led by Nick McDonald. He has been one of the most popular financial educators of our time.

However, as you start trading and cross the stage of an intermediate trader, you may need to look for another training course or program that will support you as a professional trader. ForexSignals is a good course for you to start with, but it will not be your be-all and end-all kind of program.

#3 Udemy—Forex Trading from A-Z

This is one of the best forex broker course for someone who is not initiated into the forex trading industry and for someone with zero experience. Many opt for this forex trading course because of its low cost. This is another course targeting beginners. The course offers good training materials, but it lacks the practical application aspect. The students have to go over the course material and need to deploy the strategies themselves. You will receive a certificate at the completion of the course.

This program was developed by Kirill Eremenko, a reputed data scientist and a forex expert. There are nine major modules in this program. The students will be initiated into all the basics, including the forex acronyms and jargons. You will not have access to any live training or live trading sessions. This is one of the major drawbacks of this program.

#4 Six Figure Capital

It is very likely that you have already heard this name before. The forex trading courses offered by Six Figure Capital are good for beginners as well as intermediate traders. This is a two-week course and you will have access to information on all the crucial training tools. If you are looking for a quick or a crash course to dive deep into the forex trading industry, then Six Figure Capital will be a good place to start.

This program was created by Lewis Glasgow in 2016. Students will gain access to live trading sessions and get real time experience. This is one of the highly rated crash courses but if you want something more elaborate and profound that will help you establish yourself as a lifetime trader, then you will need to consider other more in-depth trading courses to supplement this program as this is a good starter course and definitely value for money.

#5 Thomas Kralow

Thomas Kralow boasts of university grade training. This training program goes beyond just the technical analysis. The five-month training course offers in-depth training and the students are subjected to an exam, followed by the certification as a professional trader. The course includes video lessons as well as practical assignments. Thomas Kralow offers two courses, The Complete Program and the Shortened Program.

The Complete Program is for those who do not have any knowledge or experience in forex trading. The students are initiated into all the basics of forex trading. The course however, teaches other crucial aspects that are responsible for 70% to 80% success rate, which are different from the technical analysis skills that are responsible for just 20% to 30% success rate. The Shortened Program is for those with experienced traders but who are unable to crack it. This course is the same as the Complete Program except for the basics.

#6 Forex Trading Coach

This is another acclaimed forex trading courses in the industry. This forex trading training program was developed by Andrew Mitchem. The course promises that a beginner in forex trading can become an expert in 90 days using his course. Andrew Mitchem founded this course in 2008. The program will stave you off from the mistakes all forex traders make in the initial stages. You will therefore, be able to shorten the learning curve and increase your rate of success by staying away from the most common rookie mistakes.

Andrew Mitchem has been a forex trader since 2003. In this program, he teaches a trading strategy that has helped him turn things around for himself and made him a highly profitable trader in 2008. This is a very detailed course with live webinars from Andrew Mitcham and his team.

How do you really pick the right course?

We have listed for you some of the most impressive and the best options that you could possibly find when you search for a good Forex trading course.

When you are selecting a good forex trading course, you need to keep in mind a few crucial factors. Pay attention to the course material and who it is targeting. Not all courses would be suitable for everyone. Some of them would target beginners, others intermediate traders and yet others seasoned traders. If you signup for any course without paying attention to these details, then you might regret your choice.

Secondly, if you are a beginner, it is always best to select the most comprehensive course, a course that will help you get initiated into the basics of forex trading, handhold you further to become an intermediate level trader, and subsequently give you the strategies, techniques and tools that you will need as a professional trader. You will need an all-in-one course so that you do not have to frequently look for help elsewhere.

Thirdly, and most importantly, does the course offer you value for money? If all that you are going to get are some general strategies, then you could find such strategies easily online free of cost. What you actually need is a proven trading technique that will help you make money in forex trading with the highest rate of success.

If we have to narrow down further to a single best forex trading course, then Asia Forex Mentor is the best overall program. When you sign up for the trading course offered by Asia Forex Mentor, you do not have to look for any further assistance elsewhere. This course provides you with everything you need to get started as a successful forex trader and to sustain that success. Asia Forex Mentor is a highly recommended forex trading course that offers you excellent value for money. 

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