7 ways to celebrate your Child’s Birthday

Many children are having to celebrate their birthday in a very different way during the quarantine. See tips to make this day very special!

When we think of a child’s birthday, a party full of friends and family comes to mind, with lots of games and delicious sweets. In quarantine times, families are adapting and creating new ways to celebrate their little ones’ special day. You can create a special video for your kid using a birthday video maker on his/her special day.

We have separated some tips for you to organize a birthday party at home, which will surely be remembered forever!

1. Ask the child what he wants to do

Of course, before you leave planning what to do on that special day, it is best to ask your little one how they would like to spend that day – of course as far as possible at that time. It may be that the child’s greatest desire is to spend the day playing their favourite game, or else to eat a very delicious chocolate cake. That will be the first idea to think about the rest of the party!

2. Organize your time

We know that day-to-day life in quarantine is not easy, so try to plan to spend your child’s birthday with more peace of mind. If you can take time off from work, great, more time to celebrate with your family! And leave the homework for the next day, after all, the birthday is only once a year.

3. Secure the gift in advance

You don’t have to leave the house to guarantee that little gift that your little one has been asking for some time. it is good to make the purchase online at least two weeks in advance, to allow time to arrive until the birthday.

4. Plan activities for the birthday

You may have all day to plan activities with your little one, but even if you can’t, think of small actions to make the day special. Breakfast with your favourite treats, a lunch with your child’s favourite dish, an afternoon watching cartoons together, or dinner with party snacks and a cake to finish!

5. Decorate the house with your child’s favourite theme

Creating the decoration is also part of the party! Let your little one chooses a theme and help hang flags, decorate sweets, create party hats … This will make the house different and remind everyone how special this day is.

6. Invite family and friends to a virtual birthday

If loved ones can’t meet right now, technology can help. How about arranging a time for everyone to sing along a virtual congratulation? You can send in advance a digital invitation and a link to the video conference, which can be done in applications such as Zoom .

7. Music to liven up the party!

Nothing like a little music to fill the house and make everything more fun. Get ready to play loudly, sing, dance and rummage with this special birthday Playlist!

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