8 Tips for Throwing a Memorable Garden Party

If you are like the vast majority of people, then you are truly enjoying blooming flowers, sun rays, and perfect weather. And what’s the better way to enjoy summer than to throw a fantastic garden party? As there is almost no person who can resist the garden party, we invite you to keep reading as we’ve pulled together 7 tips for throwing a memorable garden party.

1.Pick The Theme

All good parties start with a theme, and a garden party is no different. This should be one of your first steps as it dictates how you plan every element of your party. It doesn’t have to be complicated though. Even a simple theme such as “Summer Days” is fun, as it encourages everyone to dress up in their most summery clothes.

If you want to go all out though, you could pick a theme such as “Mexican Street Party”, and then base every element of your party around it! People could dress up, you could serve tacos, and people could drink mojitos!

Looking for some ideas to help you decide on a theme? Check out this list of garden party ideas.

2. Choose Your Menu

Maybe the most important element of a garden party is the food! This can be the difference between just another gathering in someone’s garden and an event people reminisce about for years to come.

BBQs are a great way to feed large groups of people as they don’t require everyone to eat at the same time or sit down! Also, some people like to have something to do at parties, and managing the BBQ is a great group activity.

3. Setup a Beverage Station

You don’t want to spend all day serving people drinks. If you did that, you might as well go get a job at a bar! A beverage station is a great way to let your guests serve themselves. Simply layout all the ingredients people will need to make their own drinks.

Summer, it’s hot. Keep your guests hydrated and refreshed with plenty of beverage options. Bear in mind to offer both non-alcoholic and adult beverages. Summer is an ideal time to make cocktails with seasonal flavors and fresh, healthy juices.

4. Hire a Bandstand

Party would not be a party without music but dealing with inconvenient connections, messy cords, and everything it comes with organizing music could be solved if you hire a bandstand. A bandstand plays a big role when it comes to throwing a garden party. If you are hiring a DJ, a local band, or you are even thinking about a karaoke, the bandstand will provide a dedicated space for it and can also serve as a dance floor. The bandstand creates a focal point, which indicates it is an awesome party. Keep in mind the volume of the music and how late you keep it on.


Even the tastiest and sweetest food won’t delight a guest who finds an unwanted insect over plates and meals. Therefore, bear in mind to protect your table area and food with a hanging net or other covers that can be easily removed and placed back by your guests. If you want to go above and beyond guests’ expectations, you can opt for some covers with summer designs. Bonus points if these match your theme!


Although summer and summer nights are beautiful in themselves, colorful and festive additions are a fantastic way to add some drama to your place. Emphasize the lush greenery of your landscaping by adding tissues/paper flowers.


If you are planning a late or after dark party, soft, gentle, and romantic light can contribute to the creation of a party vibe. Outdoor string lights or any other battery-operated lights can add texture and color to your party decor.

Be sure to light up the areas where people are sitting, but also think about how you could create an atmospheric backdrop with your lighting. Maybe if you have space you could hang them from a tree for example.


Lawn games are nothing less than true outdoor entertainment to help guests mingle. Ladder ball, bocce ball, or even crochet are one of the most common backyard games, but you can go on your own and be creative! If there are guests with kids, set hula hoops for them.

If you have an activity that can only be done in small groups, you could even set up a leaderboard to have a mini competition! And the winner doesn’t have the help tidy up!


Garden parties are the time to enjoy, chit chat, and relax with our loved ones, friends, neighbors, so never burden yourself to make everything flawless. As long as you follow our guidelines, you will exceed all expectations of your guests.

Pranesh Balaji
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