Top 8 Tools Free of Cost for Small Businesses to Access

There is no doubt that Covid-19 and pandemic crises have impacted so many businesses in a bad manner. It has turned their crisis mode on which is why some are even shutting down. But there is always a ray of hope which such small business should not lose.

Many big enterprises are now coming up for the rescue of small merchants by providing them great tools and HR software for small businesses free of cost. Listed are some you might not want to miss out on at all

  • DocuSign

This is one amazing option for the small business to get the deals and agreements signed up. It is basically for the businesses who come across new customers wishing to sign up for the agreement using DocuSign’s e-signature Business Pro product. The initial three months for the usage is free and post that monthly charge is nominal too.

The offer also comes with 100 different envelope sends which means, you get the authority to have different documents signed and sent out in a single envelope. For merchants who wish to get the legal signature shall try out this tool.

  • Microsoft                                                                                  

This is another amazing option you can try out. Microsoft is now coming up with six months of team collaboration with the Microsoft 365 Business Basic. This means the small business can use the basics of Microsoft 365 Business for six months that too without paying a penny and with an annual commitment.

The price of the license is $5.00 user per month once the tenure of six months gets over. This includes Word; excel PowerPoint and other web versions of the office apps.

  • GoDaddy

We all have heard about GoDaddy and surely to avail its advantages in pandemic crises can be bliss. There are so many free tools which GoDaddy has now been offering as a support for the small business.

The focus is to let small business boost their marketing efforts on online platforms. You can get a free site and access to marketing tools of GoDaddy which you can use for Facebook, Email marketing, and even Google business.

  • MailChimp

This is another amazing option to choose which is free of cost. It offers a custom website domain for nearly 5 years. Besides, this popular marketing email platform has been making some amazing website building solutions till 2021 which of course is best for small businesses.

Whether you have an e-commerce or planning to promote the business or landing page, MailChimp is the best tool to choose from.

  • Paychex

This HR software for small businesses can be a lifesaver for you especially for managing the payroll. There are many other advantages of using this platform that too free of cost for the next three months.

The services like state unemployment insurance and payroll services with HR support at free pricing is what you should not be missing. This is also advertising support with resources for helping the small business come up with the best platform for keeping employees on work and let them earn while helping people recover from the economic damage.

  • Freshworks

This is another amazing HR software company whose focus is to allow the small business a platform to engage the customers with the tool-free of cost. It allows a small business with less than 50 employees to use the customer’s management tool. It also has the platforms of messaging and chat which can be used to stay in touch with the customers using digital channels such as live chat and Facebook messenger.

  • Hootsuite

This social media platform can give you a great team who can help you coordinate and even manage the posting on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter in a single dashboard. It is best for nonprofits organizations and small businesses since the free access is available till year-end.

  • Workable

This can be another amazing option to choose that allows the use of video interviewing software for free. You can get the job interviews done on such an amazing platform that is user friendly.

Wrap Up

Such tools and HR software for small business surely can help your small business to reach out to new customers and manage the work along with payroll without any problem at all.

Pranesh Balaji
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