9 Exciting Adventure Ideas That Anyone Can Do

9 Adventure Ideas That Anyone Can Do

Adventurous people love trying new things. They get a natural high from activities like paragliding, backpacking, and rock climbing. 

If you’re someone who doesn’t shy away from new activities, then you’re no doubt an adventurous person. 

Now, what if there’s a friend who wants to be adventurous but doesn’t know where to start? You may have a few ideas of your own, so you can begin guiding them.

In this article, we outline nine adventure ideas that anyone can do. 

So, give your friend the good news that you’re their new adventure buddy. You both are going to have an incredible time! 

1. Try Some Short Hikes 

No one said you had to be a hardcore hiker to experience hiking. An excursion through the woods can be as short (or as long) as you’d like. It’s all about becoming one with nature when you hit the trails, and your friend will like that. 

Find a few mellow trails for your friend to try without trekking 13 miles to a waterfall (although that could be a goal for the future!).

They’ll likely have a good time hiking. If they don’t have any trouble with short hikes, you may want to entice them to try harder ones! 

2. Visit a Local Farm

Visit a farm in your area to see the animals and flowers. It’s okay for adults to visit farms — people of all ages enjoy this activity! 

Make friends with chickens and cows. It’s fun to see what they’re up to, and the farm may also sell local goodies, such as fruit, vegetables, and pie. 

Some areas have pumpkin farms during the fall, so there’s always that option as well. 

3. Build a Treehouse

Building a treehouse is a good workout for your body and your mind. You’ll use your research and planning skills to find a sturdy tree. You’ll get some physical exercise when you actually build the structure.

Want to get the job done faster? Invite a few friends to help. Afterward, you’ll be fighting over who gets to hang out in the treehouse first!

If there’s isn’t room to build a treehouse where you live, go and visit one. Treehouses are full of adventure and take your imagination to new heights. Grab your friend and check one out! 

4. Float Down the River on an Inflatable Tube

On a hot summer day, find an inflatable tube and take your friend to float on a river. Make sure it’s a mellow section of the river so that neither of you runs into any rapids. 

Your friend may not be up for water rafting just yet, so this is the perfect alternative. It’s a relaxing and fun activity that even non-adventurous people enjoy.

Just make sure you take in the views before falling asleep on your comfy tube!

5. Go on a Bike Ride in a New Area 

Have you and your friend been on a bike ride in a while? If not, find a charming place to zoom around town! 

Using a bike to explore a new area or reach a beautiful spot is a good workout. It’s also rewarding when you reach your destination.

If you live near a body of water, there are probably some biking trails by that. And you can usually find bikes for rent near the beach, which is a good way to explore the seaside!

6. Bundle Up and Try Snowshoeing 

Snowshoeing is a great way to soak up some nature without having to ski. It gives you a workout without the constant risk of falling.

If you’ve been yearning to go to a new winter wonderland with your friend, then make plans for a snowshoeing adventure.

During the winter, be sure to bundle up. Even though you’ll be moving, it’ll still be chilly. Plus, it’s also essential to only snowshoe in safe areas that locals recommend. 

Do your research and rent snowshoes ahead of time. You’re going to have a blast in the snow! 

7. Fly a Kite 

Become a child again by flying a kite. Go with your friend to pick out a unique kite that’ll steal the show in the sky. 

Once you find a kite you like, wait for that perfect breezy day to bring it to a local park. It’ll feel magical as you fly your kite high in the sky. 

8. Go Camping Under the Stars

Camping is an incredible way to escape everyday life, enjoy nature, and relax. You don’t have to drive more than a couple of hours to find a good place to camp, either. If you can’t think of a camping hotspot in your area, you probably just don’t know about it yet.

Do some research into fun places to camp near you. Reserve a spot you think would work best for yourself and your camping crew.

If your friend is apprehensive about camping, start with just one or two nights. That way, they won’t have to worry about not showering for a week. It’s best to get their feet wet first. 

9. Visit an Aquarium

Aquarium visits are a tame yet happy adventure.

You’ll both have a wonderful time seeing some of your favourite sea creatures. Many aquariums make your time there a learning experience. Learning all about different sea creature’s habits will be educational. Plus, it’ll give you something to boast about to your friends and family. 

See if you can make eye contact with a shark or hold a starfish in your hand at the aquarium. Both will be quite the experience! 


You don’t have to be a skilled rock climber or skier to go on adventures. 

If your friend is apprehensive about trying new things, let them know there’s no pressure. It’s all about getting out there and having a good time!

Make time to go on some mini-adventures, and you’ll discover new activities. Who knows — your friend may end up being more adventurous than you!

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