A complete DIY guide for custom popcorn boxes for home theater lovers!

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Custom popcorn boxes are made of high-quality manufacturing materials. Great shapes and sizes are easy to achieve on these boxes. There are multiple options for increasing the appeal of these boxes, including printing and finishing options. Different printing techniques include digital, screen printing, and offset printing methods. These methods have exceptional results and can easily enhance the value of your products. Images are added to these boxes with the help of the digital printing method. Lamination is the best way of increasing the overall glow of the packaging. It enhances the shelf impact of these boxes by forming a layer on the surface of the packaging. This layer is transparent and provides resistance against dust particles and stains. Finger-smudge lamination is famous for decreasing any chance of letting smudges attack these boxes.

Customizations and DIY Custom Popcorn Boxes

Custom popcorn boxes are famous for their alluring designs. These boxes are a must at the movie theaters. However, you can also use these boxes for your movie nights at home. You can utilize these boxes if you have kids and movie lovers or your friends are coming over. There are different ways to create these boxes at home as well. Many people follow the DIY and make their boxes for the movie nights for their movie-loving family members. Following article will explain the process of making these boxes using DIY.

Select the material:

Popcorn boxes are usually cardboard, bux board, and Kraft material. When you are making these boxes at home, you have to choose the packaging material carefully. It is because the materials of these boxes will provide superior protection to popcorns. If you choose low-quality material, the value of the products will decrease. It can also happen that the boxes are not sturdy and your popcorns fall. This can be an embarrassing situation. Therefore, you should always choose the boxes with the cardboard texture when making these boxes. These boxes are perfect for handling popcorns in them.

Draw your desired shapes:

These boxes with distinctive shapes win the hearts of the customers. Once you have selected the material, you need to glue it down. The box sticks and layers must look like a popcorn package. You can use glues in a large quantity to ensure that all the corners are attached perfectly. To amaze your friends, you can also leave the space of a window in the packaging. It will make your family go crazy because the window will look like a character. You can also use the shape of a surface in the packaging to increase the factor of spookiness.

Use paints for Custom Popcorn Boxes:

Popcorn packaging USA focuses on the colors of the boxes. Once you are done with the shape and style of the packaging now, you have to paint it. When using the paints on the boxes, make sure you are choosing according to the vibe. For example, if you watch an animated movie, you can use funky colors. These colors can be crayons or marker colors. For horror and spooky colors, you can use a dangerous combination. Many people even use the colors according to the themes of the ongoing festivals. For example, the colors of Christmas and Halloween painted on these boxes will enhance the appeal of the boxes.

Add punch lines:

Popcorn packaging wholesale is the best option for people on a limited budget. When hosting a movie theater might at your home, you can make things interesting. You can write funny punch lines on the boxes. If you are going to watch a scary movie, you can write frightening text. This will make your movie lovers’ friends happy. You can write” you are next” or “now it’s your turn” to increase people’s interest in the movie.

Use add-ons:

Another fantastic thing you can do on these boxes is enhance the aesthetics by using add-ons and ribbons. These dreamy add-ons look great on the packaging and keep the audience hooked. You can also save these boxes for the next time and bring them out every time you make a movie plan. You can also use different colors of assortments at the bottom of the packaging to enhance the experience. When people use these boxes for other food items, they also use inserts to keep the products in their place.

Images of the movie:

You can also use the images of the movies you will watch on these boxes. It will enhance the interest of the audience. Many companies do a movie night for their workers. They love creating these DIY boxes and the movies’ images on them. This also makes the boxes look better and just like the professional ones. Many people even draw the paintings according to the movies on these boxes.

Custom popcorn boxes are the best for increasing the growth of your business. For example, if you arrange a movie night at your house, you will need these boxes. The delicious popcorns will look good in these boxes. You can easily create these boxes from scratch for your home theaters. You can start with selecting the material for the box and choosing its shape. Painting the packaging and using ribbons and ties can also make your boxes attractive.

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