Acne Natural Treatment – Clay Mask

Acne is a real sore, no one will say the opposite. Pimples appear on the face, but also blackheads. The skin is oily, shiny. It ruins your life. And you feel bad. 

To hide imperfections, we apply foundation. It is true that at the time the skin is prettier, the pimples are hidden, the blackheads too.

But ultimately the foundation clogs the pores and worsens the phenomenon. Even more, buttons appear. One has the impression that they will never disappear. We are tempted to touch them, they blush, see each other more…. It’s annoying. 

We try all kinds of creams, lotions. The acne attack passes a little, the pimples and blackheads are less present, but the respite is short-lived and the acne starts again, once the tube is finished. We despair.

We believe we’re never going to get out of it. Fighting acne is far from easy, regardless of age.

Because you can have acne when you are a teenager but also throughout your life. The appearance of these unsightly acne pimples is often punctuated by hormonal cycles. It is for this reason that 20 to 30% of women are victims of it throughout their lives.

The treatments are long. It’s a disease, I think we can qualify it as a disease which is difficult to cure, in addition, it can leave scars in short, it’s a real nightmare …

Quite honestly, since I went natural since I stopped spreading myself with store-bought creams stuffed with the rough stuff. My skin is getting better. 

And that’s true.

I only apply vegetable oils, I make clay masks, and frankly, I regret not having known natural turmeric clay mask cosmetics earlier. I eliminated all too aggressive products, which dry out the skin and irritate it.

How to get rid of acne naturally?

C ow to get rid of acne naturally?

Cleanse your face 

Remove make-up from your face

Hydrate your skin

Prepare your skin with a steam bath and a scrub

Masks for acne skincare

Serums against acne 


Above all, never touch your pimples as this leads to an overgrowth of bacteria – it’s not always easy, you want to get rid of them so badly, I understand you.

Cleanse your face morning and evening with a mild soap that does not irritate

Remove makeup every night to rid your face of pollution residues and impurities.

Avoid the sun, it makes acne worse.

Eat fruits, vegetables, healthy foods

Drink water

Use vegetable oils to hydrate your skin

Do not use alcohol-based lotions

Daily care for acne-prone skin

Cleanse your face gently to treat your acne

1- Anti-acne Rosemary treatment Rosemary

water is recommended for acne-prone skin, it is soft, purifying, rebalancing, tonic, soothing.

2- Basil lotion against acne

Basil lotion: Basil heals acne pimples naturally. Rich in vitamin A and C, it acts as an antiseptic by eliminating the bacteria that cause acne pimples. It cleanses, purifies the skin and regulates the production of sebum.

This homemade basil lotion will deeply cleanse your skin, tighten pores. your complexion will be fresh.

To prepare the basil lotion, you will need: 3 cuillères à soupe de basilic sec, 1 tasse d’eau bouillante.

Use: Using a cotton ball and dab the lotion on your face. Repeat this gesture tous les jours avant de vous nettoyer la peau.

SOURCES: Basil Acne Lotion Recipe

3- Lemon as an antibacterial treatment

Lemon: helps fight against bacteria that promote acne. Do not use lemon if you have sensitive skin.

You will need an organic lemon preferably.

The recipe: Squeeze the lemon. And put its juice in a small, clean bottle.

Use: Then soak a cotton ball with the juice and dab gently on the problem areas. Leave to stand for 1/2 hour then rinse with clean water. You should feel a slight tingling. If it is painful, rinse it off immediately.

After this treatment does not go in the sun.

4- Tomato

cleansing lotion Tomato cleansing lotion: the tomato is anti-infectious and healing. It cleanses the epidermis. It can therefore be used in the treatment of acne.

To prepare this lotion, you will need 2 organic tomatoes preferably, 7.5 ml of olive oil, and 30 ml of mineral water.

The recipe: Seed and peel the tomatoes, add olive oil and water. Mix the mixture then filter it. Put the mixture in a sterilized bottle.

Application: Soak a cotton ball with the lotion, then pat the areas to be treated gently. Rinse thoroughly.

Storage: 5 days in the fridge. Also REad:-  buy cheap generic xanax online